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  • ..., coders, designers, testers, and more - who work together from around the world on Sugar. Visit the '''[[Sugar Labs/Getting Involved | Getting Involved]]'' ;Using Sugar?: Get more Activities from
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  • ...down to favicon), building on familiarity of previous logo yet emphasizing Activities that draw kids in -- chatting, TamTam, art - to give a playful feel. Intent ...may represent an eye for its users gathering information from all over the world. This metaphor was also incorporated in the rest of the suite, while each l
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  • ...gar Labs coordinates [[Sugar Labs/Getting Involved|volunteers]] around the world who are passionate about providing educational opportunities to children th ...learning community. Thus, Sugar Labs is working with educators around the world to focus on these learning challenges:
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  • ...laptop-education-where-is-it-now OLPC's 100 Laptop was Going to change the world – then it all went wrong] |align=right valign=top|27 May 2010||'''PC World''' – [
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  • ...working closely with the developers and community members from around the world who have played the lead roles in the development of the Sugar user interfa ...oftware that runs on the computers maximizes the potential for engaging in activities that promote learning: exploration, expression, and collaboration. By being
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  • means you. Click the You-circle, and you will get back to you and your activities. ...ter a little while, the new activity opens. In the top right corner of all activities is a small menu, which says "Share with:". Click this to unfold the options
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  • ...r's closest desktop metaphor is the Home view: where the user can see what Activities they are currently using and access the Journal, which acts as a history of ===Using Activities===
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  • While we love the idea of children from all over the world collaborating on-line, perhaps pragmatic concerns about the security of all ...ate</code> should preserve any activities you have installed in /home/olpc/Activities.
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  • ...Software Projects"], as a starting point for a discussion on what sorts of activities Sugar Labs should be funding. In the essay, Mako takes a strong stance agai needs" of teachers in the developing world rather than perceived needs.
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  • ...r's closest desktop metaphor is the Home view: where the user can see what Activities they are currently using and access the Journal, which acts as a history of {{anchor|Using Activities}}
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  • ...sics education] that draws in several authentic observations and potential activities. ...their kids smarter better problem solvers, more likely to survive the hard world, etc. The real trick is to _make kid's want Sugar_. It can be done a lot of
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  • * [[Archive/Current Events/2010-03-17|2010-03-07]] (ASLO) has been the subject of much discussion... * [[Archive/Current Events/2009-11-16|2009-11-02]] The new activities site went on-line over the weekend.
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  • ...thin solid; background-color: #e0ffe0">This is a quick intro to working on activities for the XO, and other code for OLPC. Feel free to add to and update the ma options for programming in Python, Squeak, C/C++ and other languages or activities.
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  • ...looking for [[Activity_Team/Resources|documentation on how to create Sugar Activities]]?''' ...service and a presence service that are accessed through D-Bus, thus Sugar Activities can be coded in any language. The majority are written in Python, which ta
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  • ...LPC as a popular choice for low cost laptops for developing regions of the world. Our professor asked us to develop an application for the platform. Our cla **Activities
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  • busy week in the world of ultra-mobile PCs. Dell (See 6. Sugar tip of the week: How to install activities. There a several
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  • ...1_Kaput.pdf An introduction to the profound potential of connected algebra activities: Issues of representation, engagement and pedagogy]. Paper presented at the ...Constructionism in practice: Designing, thinking and learning in a digital world''. Hillsdale , NJ : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
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  • ...s in the hills around kathmandu. they're conveniently close to us, but "a world apart" from the city. ...HO, it won't take much to support Sugar once you can easily remove and add activities to free up space.
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  • What doesn't?: Roy Zimmermann is working in collaboration with the World Bank on a USAID-funded project to analyze the role of ICT on education in d ...normously helpful to developers. Please help us by reviewing your favorite Activities and filing detailed reports either to the wiki or the Sugar list.
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  • :'''<cjb>''' What sort of activities can Sugar Labs do that aren't based around producing software? Labs presence at a section of Linux and Learning conferences around the world
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  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) have just finished developing a world-geography game (Please see [ RPI Geogra ...tivities). The presence-service is now able to properly manage buddies and activities from gadget views and update them according Gadget events.
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  • ...him stuff like this, and it's not the same as having broadcasted it to the world. :'''<bemasc>''' This is the open source world. Ultimately, what matters is the code.
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  • ...a do whit this Development Guide?... I've seen other deployment guides for activities. :'''<walter>''' They can help with Sur. We need all the world
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  • ...d a Sugar Activity (or Activities), with supporting materials/webpages and Activities developed as needed. ...dback on the multiple designs, and pick one, describing how they'd see the Activities used in their classrooms.
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  • ...Labs, its goals and the status of the various Sugar deployments around the world. They are keen to get more input for their report. Feel free to contact Nit ...d economic growth, but that has yet to take root in much of the developing world. Local groups are seeking funding for three years, after which they expect
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  • :'''<walter_>''' Greg: Can you work up a list of major events around the world we might consider approaching so that we don't remain so US/Europe-centric? :'''<_bernie>''' marcopg_: let's setup git hosting for activities and new modules. developers will be allowed to host their git trees on suga
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  • :'''<marcopg>''' (ideally both activities and glucose would be hosted by sugar labs) :'''<marcopg>''' GNOME is doing small parties in many places around the world
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  • ...eer-editing exchange for bloggers would be easy to set up; it could make a world of difference in the quality of the writing, while not in any way impinging ...err wrote up some questions that I tried to answer in the wiki (See [[Talk:Activities/Turtle Art/Patching]]):
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  • :'''<walter>''' We need to host activities... :'''<tomeu>''' walter: so would be easier to host the gcompris activities?
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  • * Ask for use of World Bank teleconferencing network (80 locations around the world) [I have some experience with this--[[User:Mokurai|Mokurai]] 03:57, 24 Nove ...ions divided into tracks (some selection from topics like Constructionism, Activities, Glucose, Health, Textbooks, Content, Localization, Translation, Outreach..
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  • ...u want to help us bring the Sugar Learning Platform to children around the world. No prior experience with computers or educational technology is required - === Get Activities on the Stick ===
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  • ...GSoC, which should bias you towards easier projects such as [[#Stand-alone activities]]. But, if we had to rank this list in terms of priorities for Sugar, the [ ...atastores. However, it should work as a proof-of-concept with a variety of activities.
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  • ensure every child in Afghanistan get the laptop and develop the Local Activities for [ OLPC] laptops that could revolutionize how we educat ...ry of Education, makes sure they are operational and uploads them with all activities (programs) specified.
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  • ...and developers and establish regional, autonomous "Sugar Labs" around the world <caroline> are there sponsors/volunteers we want to solicit around activities?
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  • ...hook aimed at some concern of the person listening. For liberals, save the world. For hard-headed business types, talk about creating new markets. For socia * How will it affect you when we can educate every child in the world? (14 words) [[User:Mokurai]]
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  • ** Using current Sugar Activities and tools ...nsider the day their child was born the happiest day in their life. In the world's wealthier countries, that is. In poorer countries, the day a child born i
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  • ...a primary tool in the emerging market and a second device in the developed world. In my talk, I suggested that the netbook was at the forefront of the emerg ...on was the hot topic—the Sugar model is attractive even in the developed world. And, as always, how to change the culture of learning in schools remains a
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  • ...ocal and regional technical and pedagogical support; creating new learning activities and pedagogical practice; providing localization and internationalization o ...tner with companies, ngos, universities, governments, etc to perform their activities, so may not be so important if they themselves are ngos or for-profit
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  • 2. OLPC's Change the World program: It is refreshing to read that OLPC is beginning to embrace program ...sugar-meeting. We'd appreciate more input from deployment teams around the world. There is a [[Deployment Team/Local_Lab_MOU|draft of a sample memorandum of
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  • ...we face and is essential if our children are to excel in an ever-changing world. Providing every child with the opportunity to learn learning will allow th, reinvent, and reapply both software and content into powerful learning activities. Learning can be focused on sharing, criticism, and exploration. We have a
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  • ...oject name lowercase, e.g. pippy, turtleart, paint. Put it in '''category "activities"'''. * You can copy/paste [ Hello World] activity to get an example of usual files hierarchy.
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  • If you have no experience developing Sugar activities, these resources will help get you started. ...arlabs_mainpage_07.png|link=]]</span>
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  • ** Ask about moving activities to (or mirroring). [[User:Garycmartin|Garycmartin]] 22:00 ...igrating from OLPC document and produce a guide to posting newly developed activities.
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  • ...of last week is the acceleration of plans for local Sugar Labs around the world. A decentralize approach, where engineering investments in support of Sugar ...s available for Sugar. The team encourages independent developers to write activities and will support them in those efforts.
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  • ...Lander]). Previously, I'd written a Turtle Art falling-blocks game (See [[Activities/Turtle Art#We_got_game|We got game]]). Both of us are trying to understand ...rtle Art Portfolio in the wiki: [[Activities/Turtle Art|Turtle Art]] and [[Activities/Turtle Art#Portfolios|Turtle Art Portfolio]].
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  •>''' I think Tomeu's proposal makes sense for Sugar, but perhaps not for Activities? :'''<walterbender>''' Activities are what end users interactive with...
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  • {{anchor|Activities, Not Applications}} ...laptop. La laptop enfoca a los chicos sobre "[[Human Interface Guidelines/Activities/lang-es|actividades]]." Esto es más que una diferencia de nombres; ya que
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  • ...ceiling:'' this mantra should guide your development efforts for OLPC. All activities and interfaces should be designed in such a way as to be simple and intuiti .../lang-ko#Home|홈]] 스크린은 활성화된 [[Human Interface Guidelines/Activities/lang-ko|활동]]의 각 인스턴스들을 표시하는 아이콘들을...
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  • ...or, instead, zoom in to focus on a particular [[Human Interface Guidelines/Activities|Activity]]. ...ies|private activities]], ending current activities, and switching between activities.
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  • ...Appropriately, the Journal's primary function as a time based view of the activities a child has done and the objects she's kept reinforces this idea. ...journal" button, but adequate adoption of this new notion of keeping from activities should virtually eliminate need for this.
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