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  • listing: Activities Descriptions and Developer Pages
  • OLPC listings: Activities
  • Recursos_en_espanol Los siguientes recursos han sido creados por personal de distintos deployments de America Latina y otros colaboradores.
Activity Links ASLO site for downloading xx.xo files Activities by Number (with most old versions)
Key: Activity vs Number: Features/Soas_V4/ASLOxo Activity Test Table#Activity Test Results
olpc:Activities (OLPC Listings) bundled activities (paraguayeduca)
  • GCompris GCompris-15 activity
Activities/GCompris Home Page Administration tool for GCompris activity (for Teachers)
Activities/GCompris Home Page
  • Activities Index­Mirabell.ods (Included on DVD] OR (not being updated) (more recent than on current DVD-not being updated)
Open Office Spreadsheet showing .xo File Compatibility with Mirabelle and earlier versions of SoaS.
Note: You can sort it, as it is a spreadsheet!