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A community catalyst makes things happen within a community, even though the actors and the happenings themselves are beyond what the CC can do himself, "Unlike other reagents that participate in the chemical reaction, a catalyst is not consumed. Thus, the catalyst may participate in multiple chemical transformations, although in practice catalysts are secondary processes" from Wikipedia

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What a CC see

What a CC do

Jump-Starting Email Lists

This section assumes you are quite familiar with using lists as a participant. Really you should do that awhile before you try to manage your own list.

  1. get The Holy Owner Of Lists for your organization to let you have a list. This can be a tedious exercise, since listserv admins tends to favor fewer lists for a neater bomb pattern (this is a Catch 22 reference, see that publication for details and why it is important for listservs)
    1. Typically they will ask you to start your conversation in an existing list "to show you generate traffic". Keep bugging them until they give in.
    2. If you are the compliant type, there are usually several unused lists in any given listserv system, for listserv admins are as dour at creating new lists as to clean up long-dead ones. You might just take over one of them to satisfy your local Procustus. Alas, you probably cannot change settings
in which case bug to get admin rights to the dead list
  1. assuming you got assigned a list as administrator, or are helping someone else, get it to become user-friendly. We assume for this exercise you use the Mailman listserv.
    1. Sign in to the Admin interface of your list
the address looks something like
hopefully you were given an admin password
    1. Go to General Options
      1. edit the description (fourth text box). Nothing looks less professional in the main lists listing than a list with no description. That shows either a noob or someone who doesn't care. You're neither, so start there.
      2. Edit the case of the name of the list as necessary - don't change the name itself, just play with the case. Listserv admins leave that for you usually.
      3. Submit your changes. Go check your organization's listinfo

There's much more, but I'll go now Yamaplos 01:40, 30 December 2008 (UTC)