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Membership and Elections Committee

The committee oversees membership applications, reviews the membership list for currency once per year, runs an election of the Oversight Board, and runs any referenda.

Liaison is laura AT somosazucar dot org.

The Oversight Board appoints members to the committee though a normal motion procedure.

The committee members by year are shown in the table below:

Year Convened Composition Elections Run
2017 January 2017 Samson Goddy, Laura Vargas and Ignacio Rodríguez. January 2017 and September 2017.
2016 Carried Forward Sebastian Silva, Samson Goddy. Caryl withdrew 2nd September. None
2015 Sebastian Silva, Samson Goddy, and Caryl Bigenho. December 2015.
2013 Luke Faraone Various

Finance Committee

The committee oversees finances and maintains the Finance page.

Liaison is User:Walter.