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Sugar Labs Roadmap

The Sugar Labs Roadmap provides a system for all of the individuals and organizations who develop and deploy the Sugar Learning Platform to coordinate their schedules and work flows.

The defining feature of the roadmap is the Release. Approximately every six months, Sugar Labs releases a updated version of the Sugar Learning Platform. Time based releases are effective methods for coordinating the efforts of loosely organized organizations without introducing excessive amounts of managerial overhead.

Release dates up to and including .86 have been determined by the development team. Starting with .88, the release schedule will be determined by the Sugar Labs oversight board.

Project Level

XXX Articulate Project level goals and targets. In general, describe how team level goal and targets affect project goals and targest


XXX define .86 release date. In general, describe how the various team affect that schedule.

XXX define SoaS release date. In general, describe how the various teams and external organizations affect that schedule.

XXX anything important enough to be listed on this scheudal is important enough to have an assigned champion to insure that it happens on time.

Date Topic Task Notes
31 Oct 2008 Distribution Sugar 0.82 in Ubuntu 8.10
31 Oct 2008 Distribution Sugar in Fedora See
31 Oct 2008 Infrastucture Move email hosting to Gmail

XXX Link to individual team roadmaps.