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[[http://www.collabora.co.uk/ Collabora]] - Sugar collaboration.
[[http://www.collabora.co.uk/ Collabora]] - Sugar collaboration.
[[http://www.redhat.com/ RedHat]] - Engineering resources.
[[http://www.redhat.com/ Red Hat]] - Engineering resources.

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Sugar Labs Sponsorship thanks


[Solutions Grove] - Teacher training intern spring 2009 Sgrove.jpg


Collabora logo.gif [Collabora] - Sugar collaboration.

[Red Hat] - Engineering resources. RH logo.jpeg

Sgrove.jpg [Solutions Grove] - Sugar on a Stick development.




[OSL] - Gitorious hosting. Osl logo.png

  • Prgmr.com for the donation of several xen-based virtual Private Servers for running tinderboxes and buildbots.

[Free Software foundation] - Hosting for primary server Logo-fsf.org-tiny.png


Software Freedom Conservancy - Legal and financial services.