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Project Ideas

Title Mentor Project

Internationalization and Localization Chris Leonard
Brief explanation
A goal of Sugar Labs is to enable our users to experience Sugar in their own native language. See Translation Proposal To Do List for details.
Expected results
Work flow improvements for i18n
Knowledge prerequisites
Some knowledge of Pootle; some scripting experience; Python and JavaScript

New Back-end Server for Turtle Blocks and Music Blocks Walter Bender
Vikram Ahuja
Ignacio Rodriguez
Brief explanation
Last year we sponsored an exploration of using a git-like back end for projects so that they could be cloned, forked, etc. This summer we would like to implement and deploy this new approach.
Expected results
Deployment of "git" back end.
Knowledge prerequisites
Knowledge of Git, JavaScript, server-side skills

Going Beyond Equal Temperament in Music Blocks Walter Bender
Devin Ulibarri
Brief explanation
Most modern music systems are designed around equal temperament. But there are many ways to chose and tune notes in a musical system that offer different expressive characteristics.
Expected results
Extend Music Blocks such that different approaches to temperament are available to the user.
Knowledge prerequisites
Knowledge of JavaScript, music theory

Giving Sugar Labs Website a New Look Ignacio Rodriguez
Samson Goddy
Dave Crossland
Tymon Radzik
Brief explanation
Sugar Labs would like a new look for its homepage, with the goals of making it more attractive and easier to explore (See link to get more information concerning the proposed homepage).
Expected results
Deployment of a new website for Sugar Labs
Knowledge prerequisites
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, JQuery

Maintenance of (ASLO) (volunteers?)
Brief explanation is the Sugar Labs app store, where activities are hosted and downloaded. Some maintenance tasks are needed. Sugar uses in Software Update in My Settings, and has a link to it in the Browse default page.
Expected results
Fix downloads by non-Sugar browsers; old versions are offered. Fix downloads by new versions of Sugar; old versions are offered. Make activity maintainer take-over easier; not easy at the moment. Adopt the new look from the new site; theme now is quite old. Show new metadata such as source repository. Other problems listed in against component Semi-automate common maintenance tasks; like adding a new Sugar version. Document future maintenance on the Wiki.
Knowledge prerequisites
PHP, MySQL, Python, Apache, cron, PHP-Cake, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and git. See source code.