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<walterbender> #start-meeting
<walterbender> hello everyone
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<pro-panda> Looks like the meeting bot is down
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<walterbender> I'll copy/paste the log to the wiki when we are done.
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<walterbender> I think today is a Z to A day
<walterbender> Swarup14, you want to begin?
<Swarup14> Yes
<Swarup14> Hi,
<Swarup14> This week's work
<Swarup14> 1) This week I worked on the PR's that were left open, starting in the reverse order.Will get them all merged by this week.
<Swarup14> 2) Write-activity (I: I am done with surveying existing word processors regarding the feature.I shall post my findings on GitHub and make a PR
<Swarup14> 3) Write-activity (PR: #36 and #37)
<Swarup14> Work left to done
<Swarup14> 1) Finish work on the PR's that are still open. Get them all merged by this week
<Swarup14> 2) Release the activities on ASLO.
<Swarup14> Link to the blog:
<Swarup14> I have updated my blog, just the final week remains.
<walterbender> Yes. Time to try to get projects wrapped up and PRs merged :)
<walterbender> any blockers?
<Swarup14> None
<walterbender> thanks Swarup14 
<Swarup14> I have my testing environment setup for F18
<Swarup14> Will wrap up all the tasks by this week
<walterbender> that will help with XO hardware
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<walterbender> sparsh0204, I think you are next?
<sparsh0204> Last week I worked on -
<sparsh0204> * Added function to add, detele and divide note duration inside musical keyboard.
<sparsh0204> * Added function to change note duration inside musical keyboard.
<sparsh0204> * Made some changes to allow for a silence block.
<sparsh0204> * Changed functions from exporting and playing silence block.
<sparsh0204> Link to my work - (note duration) (silence block)
<sparsh0204> Link to my blog -
<sparsh0204> This week I will fix bugs and make changes in edit note duration functions as suggested by my mentors. I will also work on code refactoring of musical keyboard as it contains some old code which is no longer in use.
<walterbender> sparsh0204, think you'll get to work on the advanced mode: timing based on key press/release?
<sparsh0204> yes I forgot to mention that.
<walterbender> great.
<walterbender> sparsh0204, Don't worry about tweaking the pie menu for updating the values.
<walterbender> We can revisit when Devin comes up with some clear designs.
<walterbender> What you have right now is good enough.
<walterbender> any blockers?
<sparsh0204> ok
<walterbender> any other issues?
<sparsh0204> no blockers
<sparsh0204> None
<walterbender> thanks sparsh0204 
<walterbender> NikhilM98, your turn?
<NikhilM98> Hello everyone, my last weeks tasks were:
<NikhilM98> 1. Fix launch activity incompatibility issue
<NikhilM98> 2. Add more charts
<NikhilM98> Summary of my last weeks' work can be found here:
<NikhilM98> Link to the PR(s):
<NikhilM98> Tasks for this week are:
<NikhilM98> 1. Add a few more steps in the Statistics Tutorial
<NikhilM98> 2. Handle the PDF/DOC backward compatibility issue as discussed with Lionel
<NikhilM98> Any questions?
<walterbender> not...
<walterbender> all set for the last week of GSoC?
<NikhilM98> Yeah
<NikhilM98> Just finishing up
<walterbender> thanks NikhilM98 
<walterbender> Fakela cannot join us today... school conflict.
<walterbender> Her blog from last week is
<walterbender> She is chasing down memory leaks this week.
<walterbender> Hrishi_, your turn
<Hrishi_> Alright
<Hrishi_> Last week I worked on: 1) Fix issue where the items in the bottom of listview in heatmap section was cut. I have added a scrollbar for the whole heatmap section instead of using the parent scrolledwindow. 2) The issue where too many datastore queries were made has been fixed. It will only be queried when the datastore has been updated. 3) Open draft PRs and let community members review. The Widget has been
<Hrishi_> briefly reviewed and I will work on fixing those issues.
<Hrishi_> I am waiting for the Dashboard Integration to be reviewed so I can fix the issues
<Hrishi_> This week I will work on:
<Hrishi_> 1) Make a feature page for Dashboard Integration and Tamagotchi widget (
<Hrishi_> 2) Fix issues from
<Hrishi_> 3) Fix upcoming issues of Dashboard integration after its review.
<Hrishi_> Last week's blog:
<walterbender> Any blockers re addressing Quozl 's concerns?
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<walterbender> Hrishi_, ^^
<Hrishi_> walterbender: Regarding using cairo for drawing, yes. I could try to use a progressicon (for battery badges), and I am not sure how I would implement it for disk usage (stroke sizes of icons)
<walterbender> perrie, any suggestions?
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<walterbender> Hrishi_, perrie is back from the land of no internet so maybe she can help this week.
<perrie> none for now
<perrie> lol
<perrie> ywah
<perrie> yeah
<walterbender> thx Hrishi_ 
<Hrishi_> Welcome :)
<walterbender> AvinashAgarwal,  you are next.
* Hrishi_ also we had a meeting before an hour
<AvinashAgarwal> Yes sure.
<AvinashAgarwal> Last week I worked on testing all the new features integrated on Android and Web platform and solving some UI issues, loading local media file issue and Image editor issues.
<AvinashAgarwal> Link to PR:
<AvinashAgarwal> Link to Blog:
<AvinashAgarwal> This week's task will be discussed in the meeting that I will have in some time.
<walterbender> any blockers?
<AvinashAgarwal> None for now!
<walterbender> thx AvinashAgarwal 
<walterbender> ashish0910, ???
<ashish0910> Hello Everyone ,
<ashish0910> Work done Last week :
<ashish0910> 1. added Copy and Paste Feature from toolbar
<ashish0910> 2.Tested Activity on Different Platforms
<ashish0910> 3.Added Localisation to The Activity
<ashish0910> 4.New Welcome Message added on start of new Session
<ashish0910> Link to Blog :
<ashish0910> Any questions ?
<pro-panda> None from me
<pro-panda> Aniket, you're next
<Aniket>  Sure
<Aniket> 1) Made flake 8  and python fixes in several activities.
<Aniket> (
<Aniket> (
<Aniket> (
<walterbender> thanks ashish0910 
<Aniket> 2) Tested python 3 version of sugar. Found some issues.
<Aniket> (
<Aniket> (
<Aniket> 3) Updated collabwrapper in Imageviewer and tested the changes.
<Aniket> (
<Aniket> 4)Updated collabwrapper in Imageviewer and tested the changes.
<Aniket> (
<Aniket> Task for this week:-
<Aniket> * Port activities to Python 3.
<Aniket> * Try to fix bugs in sugar.
<Aniket> that's all from side
<Aniket> my side
<walterbender> thks
<walterbender> any blockers?
<Aniket> No. Thanks for asking :-)
<walterbender> everyone: next week is the last meeting for GSoC 2019...
<walterbender> please try to wrap things up this week to ensure your projects/PRs all land.
<Aniket> Sure
<pro-panda> Thanks everyone
<walterbender> Would be great if you'd write up summary blogs too we can share more broadly.
<walterbender> thanks all for all the work/contributions this summer.
<ibiam> We decided to use github repos in our project so anyone can view it
<walterbender> I'll post the log on the wiki since the meeting bot wasn't working.
<walterbender> #end-meeting :)
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<walterbender> PS: anyone with feedback re GSoC itself, please send it my way.