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It would be good if unsupervised new learners grasp the functionality of the frame and start to navigate confidently in their first session. I have introduced two new learners to Sugar on a Stick and felt the need to provide some sort of crib to get them started, it is attached.

The format I used is to print this to postcard which I popped into the laptop.

What to try to convey.
Hot spots at corners and edges to activate/hide frame. Behavior is adjustable.
You don't need to memorize the Function buttons - F1 to F4 lie directly under the icons.
A reminder of what the four icons represent.
F6 locks/unlocks frame, but also allows you to glimpse frame. Is it always F6

What was the first hurdle you had to overcome on day 1?

This stuff is fully covered in the Floss manual but IMHI does not jump out at you fast enough!

Judging from the "undiscoverable" pages, others have failed to solve some very basic navigation challenges on day 1.

Further Ideas ... not day 1, but sessions 2 to 10

Is conveying this information in a small image, a good idea?

What should be added or taken away?

My ambition would be to link some sort of variant of this file to:

Getting Started

Sugar on a Stick/Explore

and/or a Micro_Help, perhaps packaged as a one frame activity?

... please add ...

--Inkyfingers 06:40, 26 October 2011 (EDT) I have created this page unlinked.

and edited----Inkyfingers 08:51, 27 October 2011 (EDT)


This is a good idea, that when perfected, could be used in the SoaS boot animation (perhaps limited to the first few boots) or as a special help panel that appears on the first few uses of the Frame, to assist new users. Thinking in those terms might reduce the images to the essential elements to fit the Sugar design theme.

There is a longer-term goal to develop a live help system for Sugar. Well-designed panels of assistive images that could be activated by a help key combination or special touch gesture on an interface element is a promising possibility. Preparing the appropriate panels is a non-trivial effort that would be highly welcomed.

You may consider collaborating with Corrine Sutter, a graphics artist who is preparing some images for an OLPC forum. Her style would fit well in an on-board help system for Sugar. --FGrose 18:46, 26 October 2011 (EDT)

It is listed in "Projects" on left panel of the Sugar Labs wiki. --Satellit 13:00, 26 October 2011
  • Sometimes the frame will not appear (Especially if using sugar-emulator or a VM):
To fix: hover cursor over central avitar click on "my settings/frame" and then move bottom slider all the way left.
Usually the right top corner is where you have to hover the cursor to activate the frame. In my experience; Only after doing the step listed above will the left corner work to activate it.
Your graphic screens should be incorporated in a sugarized ([x]favorite) "Crib Sheet" activity, listed on the f3 ring at startup.
--Satellit 27 October 2011
Thanks, both, for feedback. So the hot spot should be represented on the right, for "day 1". Maybe my image needs animation - in which case some sort of hint to check out "my settings/frame" could be included. "Crib Sheet Activity" sounds good.--Inkyfingers 07:30, 27 October 2011 (EDT)