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A custom Moodle quiz module which, in addition to the standard Moodle quiz features, analyzes the questions posed to the student for various qualities, such as compliance with Curriculum Standards.

Group Members


Expand upon the PHP of the Moodle Quiz Module to parse questions involving mathematical operations for characteristics contained in the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Mathematics. The question for information relevant to Number of questions, total percent correct, percent correct for multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

Week by week milestones

  • Week 8: Have both scripts succesfully tabulating relevant information
  • Week 9 :Have student to teacher data information transfer succesfully functioning with scripts.
  • Week 10: Have integration with kuku, and a gui for teachers data retrieval.

"Required Accomplishment"


  • Get StudentParser.awk to successfully calculate the accuracy for each mathematical operation, plus other relevant information TBD, one example will be success of division with remainders.
  • Get ClassParser.awk to successfully calculate class-wide statistics on the same information
  • Provide Grader.awk which grades each student, calculates a class average, tallys students in each grade interval.


  • Create Moodle data flow diagram to give an understanding of how the Moodle Server and corresponding database interact with Student and Teachers machines.
  • Install Moodle server and DBMS on a test Virtual Machine.
    • Attempt PHP calls to the Moodle DBMS.
    • Attempt to create a simple Moodle module extension which can be further built off of to provide further functionality.
  • Provide a script to move StudentParser.awk's output to ClassParser.awk's input

"Wishlist Accomplishments "

Links & Resources

StudentParser.awk Input file format:

Field Structure:
"Mathematical Operation" "Correct?"

45/67 y

StudentParser.awk Output file format *Incomplete*

Field Structure:
line 1: "Student MAC-Address"
line 2+: "Operation type" "correct in decimal"

+ .86
- .84
x .91
/ .86



# grades -- average student grades and determine
# letter grade as well as class averages
# at the command line run: awk -f grader.awk grades.dat

BEGIN { OFS = "\t";     "date +%H:%M:%S" | getline current_time
     close("date +%H:%M:%S")
     print "Report printed on " current_time

# action applied to all input lines
	# add up the grades
	total = 0
	for (i = 3; i <= NF; ++i) # i=3 skips first 2 fields - last name, first name
	# calculate average
	avg = total / (NF - 2)
	# assign student's average to element of array
	class_avg[NR] = avg
	# determine letter grade
	if (avg >= 90) grade="A"
	else if (avg >= 80) grade="B"
	else if (avg >= 70) grade="C"
	else if (avg >= 60) grade="D"
	else grade="F"
	# increment counter for letter grade array
	# print student first name, last name, average interger value, and letter grade
	print $2 " " $1, int(avg), grade#, NF, NF

# print out class statistics
END  {
	# calculate class average
	for (x = 1; x <= NR; x++)
		class_avg_total += class_avg[x]
	class_average = class_avg_total / NR
	# determine how many above/below average
	for (x = 1; x <= NR; x++)
		if (class_avg[x] >= class_average)
	# print results
	print ""
	print "Class Average: ", class_average
	print "At or Above Average: ", above_average
	print "Below Average: ", below_average
	# print number of students per letter grade
	for (letter_grade in class_grade)
		print letter_grade ":", class_grade[letter_grade]


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