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A custom Moodle quiz module which, in addition to the standard Moodle quiz features, analyzes the questions posed to the student for various qualities, such as compliance with Curriculum Standards.

Group Members

Data Flow Diagram

Teacher Reporting Diagram.jpg


  • Run Moodle with the modified quiz module on an XO running XS, The XO school Server.


Week 8

  • Create Moodle data flow diagram to give an understanding of how the Moodle Server and corresponding database interact with Student and Teachers machines.
  • Have Moodle's latest stable release functioning in an XS School Server VirtualBox OSE Virtual Machine

Week 9

  • Have Moodle's latest stable release functioning on an XO running XS using the techniques outlined here.
  • Have PHP calls successfully querying mock student results from Moodle's MySQL database running on XS.
  • Parse mathematical-operation-based and tally percentage of success with each individual operation (+,-,/,* etc).
  • Parse mathematical operation and check for compliance with standard 4.P.3 Determine values of variables in simple equations, e.g., 4106 – x = 37, 5 = y + 3, and s – y = 3.

Week 10

Documentation & Resources

Post XS School Server Configuration:

yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment"

edit /etc/inittab and change runlevel from 3 to 5 to startup in Gnome

yum install mysql-server php php-mysql php-mbstring php-gd php-xmlrpc php-imap cvs

service mysqld start
mysqladmin -u root password 'mySecurePassword'
mysql -u root -p
mysql> CREATE DATABASE moodle CHARSET 'utf8';
mysql> exit;
chkconfig mysqld on
--starts sql server; adds root admin user; logs into server and creates DB; 
--turns the service on on boot.

cd /var/www
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@eu.cvs.moodle.org:/cvsroot/moodle co -r MOODLE_19_STABLE moodle
--download and install/update with the latest version of moodle

mkdir moodledata
chown -R apache:apache moodle
chown -R apache:apache moodledata
--make directory in /var/www/ and change permissions.

edit the file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
change DocumentRoot "/var/www/html" to DocumentRoot "/var/www/moodle"
change <Directory "/var/www/html"> to <Directory "/var/www/moodle">
then you must restart the apache server by issuing the command:
service httpd restart

Installing MySQL:

Starting MySQL Database:

Logging in to MySQL Database:

Creating Database: