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This template produces a [show]/[hide] frame that can be hidden or shown on initial display of a wiki page.



Required parameters:

  1. headline - the line of wiki text, for example, a link to remote content or just a header
  2. content - the content wiki text. It may be another template for transclusion of a page or embedding of an external page, or just plain content that you want the reader to be able to expand or collapse.

Optional, named parameter:

  1. collapsed -- may have one of 2 possible values:
    • collapsed -- (the default) -- hides the content and produces a [show] link after the headline
    •                 -- (nothing) entered as |collapsed=| -- the content will show below the header, which will have a [hide] link next to it.


{{Show|collapsed=|Terminal output log: |<pre>[root@Dell-8400 ~]# df -Th Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1 ext4 18G 11G 6.8G 61% / tmpfs tmpfs 1.6G 908K 1.6G 1% /dev/shm /dev/sda2 vfat 20G 17G 2.8G 86% /media/VMs /dev/sde1 vfat 996M 443M 554M 45% /media/LG /dev/sdc1 vfat 15G 1.5G 14G 10% /media/TOSHI /dev/sdd1 vfat 15G 673M 15G 5% /media/SANDY [root@Dell-8400 ~]# </pre>}}