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  {{:Template:Translation/translation of/lang-{{{lang}}}}} [[{{{source}}}|{{{source}}}]] [{{fullurl:{{{source}}}|oldid={{{version}}}}} {{:Template:Translation/original/lang-{{{lang}}}}}]  
  {{{{{source}}}/translations|translated={{{lang}}}}}   [{{fullurl:{{{source}}}/translations|action=edit}} +/-] [{{fullurl:{{{source}}}|diff=current&oldid={{{version}}}}} {{:Template:Translation/changes/lang-{{{lang}}}}}]  

This template (in conjunction with Template:Translations—note the plural—and the source/translations page) are used to better keep track of the Category:Translated Pages and the translating effort to lower the language barrier of the project.

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#76aac4 #3b9fca #0093d0
#3b9fca #0093d0 #76aac4

NOTE: The (blue) color scheme is based on the 'arrow' used for the Community in the laptop.org site. A sample of colors used or thought about can be seen on the right, with further explorations found in the Sandbox. Comments about them are welcome.


{{ Translation
  | lang            =  <-- 2/3 character language-code of the translation—ie: en, es, ... -->
  | source          =  <-- Source page name—ie: "The OLPC Wiki" (sans quotes) -->
  | version         =  <-- Version ID# of the edition being translated or last updated -->
  | source_display  =  <-- OPTIONAL - display string to the source link above
                            default = value of source -->
  | version_display =  <-- OPTIONAL - display string for the translated version link
                            default = "original" -->
  | diff_display    =  <-- OPTIONAL - display string for the differences to current link
                            default = "diff" -->
the version parameter is the number displayed in the source page in the [ID# xxxxx] of the language-navigation blue bar. Keeping this number updated to the LAST version you 'translated' or 'updated' will ease updating the page when following the diff link in your page, as it will show those changes in the original from your last update.


{{ Translation | lang = es | source = The OLPC Wiki | version = 30534 }}
  Traducción de The OLPC Wiki original  
  Template:The OLPC Wiki/translations   +/- cambios  
{{ Translation | lang = es | source = The OLPC Wiki | version = 30534 
               | source_display = original 
               | version_display = versión traducida 
               | diff_display = últimos cambios }}
  Traducción de original versión traducida  
  Template:The OLPC Wiki/translations   +/- últimos cambios