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  Template:/translations [ID# 15326]  +/-  

The intent of this template is to mimic the inverse of the Template:Translation (which is geared towards the translated page) by having a template to be placed in the original pages while preserving the capibility to navigate all the translations.

NOTE: When translating (or updating a translated page) you MUST update the version number of the {{Translation ... version = xxxxx ... }}—with the value reported on the far right: [ID# 15326] by this template in the source page. This will allow exact comparissons between the current version and the version originally translated or last updated.


If no argument is provided, the sub-page currentPage/translations will be included. This page should be as simple as possible, and is currently being used as a sequence of links displayed not by their title, but by the short language names (in their own respective language) separated by '|'.


Could result in a line with several links (although one should be the original page) each pointing to a translated version of the current original page. ie:

english | español | português

If an argument is provided, it should be a fully set of wiki links with their display. Unfortunately, '|' is used as parameter delimeter and thus needs to be escaped. A solution is to use | | or some other (discrete) separator (ie: , - /)

  | [[One Laptop per Child|english]] | [[Un portátil por niño|español]] - [[Um Laptop para cada Criança|português]] / [[One Laptop per Child zh|中文]]}}
english | español - português / 中文 HowTo [ID# 15326]