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This tutorial will show how to import an appliance into VirtualBox.

Here are some prebuilt VirtualBox appliances that you can download and import.
This is a simple way to run various versions of Sugar on your PC or Mac.
Note: VirtualBox is OS agnostic and runs the same appliance in Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac operating systems. It must be installed on your system first.


  • Download the 2 files from the link above and click on the .ovf file. It will be imported into your VirtualBox installation.
  • Select Import Appliance... from the File menu drop-down palette at the top of the VirtualBox console.


  • Import Appliance...
Select the .ovf file


  • Adjust Import Settings
You can edit these items.


  • Click (Import).
  • Agree to the GPL license.
If this was specified on setup of Export of this appliance


  • Importing


  • Now the imported appliance is loaded in VirtualBox.
Click on Settings

8-new appliance.png

  • Add USB

6-Add USB.png

  • Adjust System settings


  • Click the (OK) button.
Click on ==> green arrow start
VirtualBox boots Sugar

8-new appliance.png

  • VirtualBox completes the boot and goes to
Fedora FirstBoot (registration and user/password selection).


  • Then goes to this screen,
gdm Login of User (in this case sugar)


  • Congratulations, you are now running Sugar on a Stick v6 Pineapple