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You have an Ubuntu system and you wish to try Sugar? There are now 2 versions to use:

Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS - Dextrose Sugar Live

  • DXU-Dextrose on Ubuntu
revised Sept 5,2013
Sugar 0.98.8
Ubuntu 12.04.02
  1. Journal Backup/Restore
  2. Operations on multiple journal entries
  3. Accessability support with integrated control panel
  • Announcement:
Initial HD or VirtualBox install runs Full Screen Sugar.
NOTE click on the screenshot to enlarge it; click on browser <= back to return.


Sugar dextrose.pngDextrose-background-reg.pngError-copying-to-Documents.png

  1. Boot Screen
  2. Background set - Register selected
  3. Error copying to Documents from journal
For info on XSCE schoolserver: http://schoolserver.org/

Dextrose-4.png Dextrose-3.png

  • Dextrose running in KDE Ubuntu 12.04.2
  • Note KDE has to be installed after sugar is installed to get to this view.


NEW see notes section below

Install to Hard Disk

  1. Ubuntu Startup-disk-creator will create a USB installer
  2. Boot from Live DVD
  • "Username is "ubuntu", with empty password."
Either method will run as a live CD or Install to Hard Disk
Note: Choose lightdm as desktop manager

Install KDE

  • Sugar terminal:
sudo su
apt-get install kde-full
- Select lightdm for desktop manager when asked
- Select remote (none)
  • logout/login
- Click on the round icon in the right top corner to display the Desktop Managers available in the lightdm drop-down menu and select one:
    GNOME Classic
    GNOME Classic (no effects)
    KDE Plasma Workspace
  • It appears that lightdm which is added when KDE is installed picks up Gnome also (used by Sugar)

Install GNOME

To complete the install of GNOME
  • Sugar terminal:
sudo su
apt-get install gnome
- Select lightdm for desktop manager when asked


From IRC Aug 3 2013
<dfarning> You can download the new alpha image from
<dfarning> http://ubuntu.activitycentral.com/makeiso/iso/ubuntu_12.04-20130730_i686.iso
<dfarning> (md5 a91fb1e3b8bdc1c8bdea701702ef807c)
<dfarning> In this release all control panel sections should work:
<dfarning> - The keyboard section was failing because of libxklavier lacking the...
<dfarning> satellit_e:  Dextrose on Trisquel, the new toast, should be coming out this week or later for those who prefer 100% free :)
From Lists: support-gang@laptop.org 07/15/2013

I just wanted to give everyone a heads about something coming down the pipe:)
On of the primary frustrations that I have been hearing from the
community is their inability to easily get hardware for their
In response, we have released of an iso running Sugar on Ubuntu at
* Username is "ubuntu", with empty password.
As alway, AC's code is 100% free and open source.

What's new

* Tuned up python-dbus clears the last bug that made most activities
fail to start.
* Logs in into Sugar automatically.
* Most activities work (some will need some work, but it should not be
caused by problems in Sugar dependencies anymore, but things specific
to the activity). To be precise they start,  didn't test them in deeply
 Didn't test collaboration yet.
* General polish to make it look closer to a final product.

What fails

* Some quirks with the tamtam activities as usual, probably already
fixed in newer bundles.
* Write does not work as the gtk3 version of pyabiword or the gtk2
version of libabiword are not available in Ubuntu, so both gtk2 and
gtk3 versions of the activity are missing half of the dependencies.
* Etoys and Scratch fail, probably because squeak-vm is not the proper
version, so I'll be packaging that later as well.
* The keyboard and network sections of the CP fail, the code makes
some assumptions about being run in a xo or under fedora, resulting in
unhandled exceptions.
* Sometimes activities may fail to start if you open them right after
logging in, because something with dbus is not yet fully running.

David Farning
Activity Central: http://www.activitycentral.com
From IRC 07/19/2013:
"We are interested in creating a community around the project which AC supports but does not control...."
"We are trying to create a community like XSCE to support sugar on ubuntu."
:Discussions on #schoolserver / freenode IRC



Sugar 0.98.8
  1. Time Zone in cp does not store settings.
  2. Save to Doucuments from journal works (Photo)
latest (Has some Plan Cebal activities):
Do Not Start:Biblioteca ceibal; CeibalNotifica; Portfolio; Scratch; Tux Paint; Write
No Sound from TamTam Apps (VirtualBox test)
Tam Tam edit is not full screen


sugar 0.98.7
  1. Time Zone in cp does not store settings.
  2. Save to Doucuments from journal does not work (Photo) 'gi.repositorySugarExt'object has no attribute 'fat_set_hidden_attrib'
Do Not Start: Write;Scratch;
No Sound from TamTam Apps (VirtualBox test)
Tam Tam jam and edit are not full screen


  1. Time Zone in cp does not store settings.
  2. Save to Documents from journal Fails.


07/22/2013 satellit
  1. Drag-Drop of item from journal to a mounted USB shown in the bottom left of frame fails.
  2. Clipboard is not available for journal items to paste to documents folder or external USB.
  3. "save to" fails to save to Documents folder or external USB.
  4. Network in cp fails to start in live boot but works if installed to HD?
  5. Time Zone in cp does not store settings.
  6. Keyboard fails in cp
  7. "copy to clipboard" of record picture crashes sugar
  8. Record 97 does not save picture to journal on exit

Collaboration testing (brief)

  • All on Jabber.sugarlabs.org all activities started and shared from Dextrose Sugar 0.98.7
NOTE click on the screenshot to enlarge it; click on browser <= back to return.

Chat 78

Chat test-collaboration.png

  • 4 Participants
Dextrose Sugar 0.98.7
HD install on ext USB HD system76 i7; Gazelle laptop
f18 Sugar 0.98.8
f18 HD install on intensePC i3; fanless PC
Sugar Network Sugar 0.94
XO-1.5 (1 Hexokinase hf6.2d)
plus visitor

Speak 44


Turtle Art 169


Create.img files with dd for Duplication of USB's

Persitent 4 GB USB built with ubuntu startup-disk creator

  • Format USB Fat16
  • Start ubuntu startup-disk creator
  • choose Dextrose-sugar.iso from "other" (1.2 GB )
  • select USB Target
  • Move slider to left to (1.8GB)
  • Write USB
Boot from USB and select try without installing
Changes to USB will be saved on reboot.
Make .img file with dd

NOTE Use mount command to confirm device name for mounted USB eg: /dev/sdb; /devsdc; /dev/sdd...etc

This is very imporant as you can distroy your hard disk if you use the wrong device name.
dd if=/dev/sdb of=Dextrose-sugar4p3.img bs=2M
1850+1 records in
1850+1 records out
3880452096 bytes (3.9 GB) copied, 224.698 s, 17.3 MB/s
Use .img to write 2nd USB
This can be repeated as many times as needed for duplication of USB's
dd if=Dextrose-sugar4p3.img of=/dev/sdb bs=2M
NeW 8/15/2013
Use a 4 GB USB or larger

Install to 8 GB USB from booted burned DVD

Note Ubuntu will make changes in your grub boot settings. It is preferred to remove the Laptop Hard Disk and boot from DVD of .iso
This will be a robust ext4 install of Dextrose-sugar on a USB
  • Boot DVD
  • Format USB as / 6GB ext4 plus (1.8GB) swap
  • Install to USB
Make .img file with dd
dd if=/dev/sdb of=Dextrose-sugar83.img bs=2M
3817+1 records in
3817+1 records out
8006074368 bytes (8.0 GB) copied, 678.706 s, 11.8 MB/s
Use .img to write 2nd USB
This can be repeated as many times as needed for duplication of USB's
dd if=Dextrose-sugar83.img of=/dev/sdb bs=2M

Sweets Distribution

  • Sugar 0.94

As of 2012-03, Ubuntu does not have a complete, stable version of Sugar in the Ubuntu repositories. In particular, there is no compatible web browser.

Until this is fixed, try one of these options:

  • use Sweets on Ubuntu, see below,
  • use a virtual appliance, compatible with any version of Ubuntu, see below,
  • use the incomplete version that Ubuntu provide, see the last section below, or
  • install from Sugar source.
your ubuntu release your best options for trying Sugar
Ubuntu 12.10 use Sweets Distribution or use a virtual appliance
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS use Sweets Distribution or use a virtual appliance
Ubuntu 11.10 use Sweets Distribution or use a virtual appliance
Ubuntu 11.04 use Sweets Distribution or use a virtual appliance
Ubuntu 10.10 use Sweets Distribution or use a virtual appliance
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS use Sweets Distribution or use a virtual appliance

How to install Sweets on Ubuntu

Install packages on an Ubuntu system so that you may run Sugar.

See How to install Sweets Distribution.

How to install a virtual appliance

Install a virtual appliance based on Ubuntu:

There are other virtual appliances based on other distributions, which can be imported into virtualization software on Ubuntu.

sweets-sugar 0.94 works in Ubuntu 12.10 (unity and cinnamon)

Sweets-sugar in 12.10.pngSweets-sugar-cinnamon-12.10.png

Ubuntu-gnome 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)

Release Announcement::http://ubuntugnome.org/ubuntu-gnome-13-10-is-released/

How to install Sugar 0.90 on Ubuntu

  • NOT Recommended

There are many problems with Sugar on Ubuntu (see a list for 0.90), many of which have been fixed in a later version of Sugar, so we recommend the Sweets or virtual appliance methods above instead.

In particular, there is no compatible web browser included, though there is a workaround.

However, if you wish to to install Sugar on Ubuntu:

  • click on Ubuntu Software Center,
  • search for Sugar,
  • click on sugar-emulator or sugar,
  • click on Install,
  • if asked about other required applications, click to install.

Sugar will be downloaded and installed.

To start Sugar, click on Applications, then Education, then Sugar.

See how to create a desktop icon that runs Sugar full screen.

See Ubuntu/Previous for how to install older versions of Sugar on older versions of Ubuntu using Ubuntu Software Center.