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Name Aleksey Lim
Birth 1977
Residence Russia
Education USSR, 1994-1999, software engineer
Profile On stackoverflow
Activities On


  • Nick alsroot
  • Email me to my nick in domain
  • Timezone UTC+7


Foreground tasks

Background tasks

In perspective

  • Sugarize OOo4Kids
    • journal integration
    • OOo4Kids builds
  • Life in sugar! - support full time being online in sugar
    • Sugar Daemons, all time beeing online servers that provide useful shared instances for broad collaboration e.g. Chat instances per purposes ("Ask your nub question", "How to hack sugar" etc.)
    • Library instance via Sugar Daemon to provide server sharing model
    • Сheck notification system in shell if it works well in "all time being in sugar" workflow
    • Сreate Collab activity
    • Collab instance via Sugar Daemon to have global collaboration portal for all sugar contributors/requesters.
  • standalone mode for activities thus more close merge sugar with other education software e.g. ASLO could be not just portal of sugar activities but portal of education software(non-sugar users could run particular activity w/o need to install sugar)