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{{ #ifexist : User:Dfarning | true | false }}

do if true


1. To mark a page for translation, include the Template:Translations on the top of the page to be translated.


2. Save the page.

3. When the page reloads, the translation bar will have instructions to create the translation page

Please copy/paste "{{Translations/List | source=Template:Translations/Instructions | origlang=en | translated={{{translated}}} | xx | }}" (where xx is ISO 639 language code for your translation) to Template:Translations/Instructions/translations<//small>
english | español


David Farning

I am a new contributor to sugar labs.


  • Community Building


  • write api documentation tutorial.
  • Clean up wiki translation infrastructure.
  • Make the wiki more community centric.
    • Create checklist for creating a team.
    • Start the BugSquad
  • Wiki infrastructure
    • look into anti-spam extensions.
  • wiki content
    • Go through iaep looking for information to add to the wiki.
    • Work on organizing the developer portion of the community.


  • Create based on
  • Moving sugar developer related contents from w.l.o to w.s.o.


  • setup pymediawiki(bot framework) to work on w.s.o.
  • Setup infrastructure for automatically creating sugar API documentation from the source code.
  • Create teams framework.