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I am a imminently graduating RIT student in Computer Science. I have a good background in Linux and Python, and strongly support efforts to improve education worldwide.

My development interests for the RIT project and in general include:

  • Networking and backend support features
  • Python support libraries and tutorial or cookbook-like documentation
  • Musical composition and synthesis
  • Interaction with the physical environment (sensors, measurement tools, input devices, etc.)

I am hoping to find some people to work with who are more focused on front-end / UI / interaction design so we can complement each other's strengths and preferences. (I'm not very visual, and very textual / verbal, which is in direct conflict with the Sugar design principles for language independence.)

Math4 Learning Objectives

I would be interested in helping to develop Activities focusing on the Patterns, Relations, and Algebra topics in the fourth grade math learning objectives. In particular, I would like to be involved in an effort to make appropriate use of mathematical notation in Activities (in general, as well as for the Math4 goals).

Contact Information

Email enimihil AT gmail DOT com
AOL IM enimihil
XMPP enimihil AT enimihil DOT net
or via Google Talk (above)