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I am a 3rd year Computer Science student at RIT. I have some background in Python, as well as general use languages such as Java, C++ and perl.

I am interested in working on a simple game for the 4th grade math project. My initial focus is working on a 'Fun Towers' (Can be found online in several flash forms) game, where users attempt to delete from a pyramid cards representing math facts that correspond to an answer card that the user is given.

This project would be easily adaptable to several disciplines for teaching 4th grade math, some of the more suited ones are;

- Add and subtract (up to five-digit numbers) and multiply (up to three digits by two digits) accurately and efficiently.

- Round whole numbers through 100,000 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, and 100,000.

- Divide up to a three-digit whole number with a single-digit divisor (with or without remainders) accurately and efficiently. Interpret any remainders.

- Carry out simple unit conversions within a system of measurement, e.g., hours to minutes, cents to dollars, yards to feet or inches, etc.


Fun Towers wiki page link: