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The activity list was taken from:

All the activities were tested on XO 1.5 os13

Activity Translated into Spanish Diagnostic
Abacus-35 Yes
Browse-137 Yes
Calculate-40 Yes
Chart-5 Yes
Chat-76 Yes
Clock-8 No
Captura pantalla de What Time Is It 1.png
Clock-9 fixes it, I tested and asked for inclusion --manuq
Distance-31 Yes, but the unit conversion is not translated
Captura pantalla de Actividad Distancia .png
Etoys-113 Yes
Finance-7 Yes, but the string at the bottom are not translated
Captura pantalla de Finanzas 1.png
FotoToon-13 Yes
GetBooks-11 Yes
HelloWorld-6 No
Help-14 No
Captura pantalla de Actividad Help .png
ImageViewer-21 Yes
Implode-11 Yes
InfoSlicer-15 Yes
Jukebox-24 Yes, but the column titles says: "No." and "Play List"
Labyrinth-12 Yes
Log-29 Yes
Maze-20 Yes
Measure-37 Yes
Memorize-41 Yes
Moon-14 Yes
Paint-43 Yes, but it says: "Picker" in the picker tooltip
Captura pantalla de Actividad Pintar 1.png
Physics-10 Yes
Pippy-46 No The buttons "Run", "Stop Running" and "Clear" are not translated
Captura pantalla de Actividad Peppy .png
Filed as --manuq
Portfolio-25 Yes
Read-99 Yes
Record-96 Yes, but the buttons don't have tooltips
Ruler-19 Yes
Scratch-22 Yes
Speak-41 Yes, but it says: "Español latin american" on the Drop Box to select the language
StopWatch-14 Yes
TamTamEdit-63 Yes
TamTamJam-63 Yes, but it says: "All" in the all sounds tab and "Desktop X"
Captura pantalla de TamTam Jam .png
TamTamMini-63 Yes, but the "tabs" are not translated
TamTamSynthLab-63 Yes
Terminal-36 No Terminal-39 fixes it, I tested and asked for inclusion --manuq
TurtleArt-143 Yes
TypingTurtle-29 Yes, but it says: "Has obtenido una medalla de GOLD"
Captura pantalla de La tortuga escritora .png
Welcome-5 There is nothing to translate
Wikipedia-35 Yes
WikipediaEN-35 Yes
Words-16 Yes
Write-79 Yes