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My Math4 related program is actually a game based on a snow ball fight. I have set in stone whether it will be something where you have complete freedom of movement or whether you can only move from one spot to another. The way the later would work is you have the choice of going Back, Forward, Left, or Right (the arrow keys, possible WASD) and once you select on you are shown running to another spot where you can hide behind something and have cover from others (PC) trying to hit you with a snow ball. The Math that will be involved is the Pathagorean Thereom (Geometry) to determine how far you are from an NPC you may be trying to hit with a snow ball (would be an overhead view); you need to know this because you can only throw a certain distance which is also not set in stone. Additionally the player will need to understand percentages, decimals and factions and an example of this is they may be given a stat: "You have a 50% chance of hitting that player from here." Then they may be given the chance to convert that to a fraction (50% = 0.5 = 1/2) and if they are correct then their chances of hitting the NPC go up, but they need to make sure they are close enough (Pathagorean Theorem) or they will not throw it far enough. Once they decide to throw there will be a side view show yourself and the NPC and you will select the percentage of your total power and the angel at which you would like to throw. There's a lot of room for more math related concepts and possible different modes within this game, but that is may basic idea.