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This article is a stub. You can help Sugar Labs by expanding it.

  • create Getting Involved
  • Create Knowledge Base
  • Create FAQ
  • Create Contacts
  • include todo in community/todo
  • include faq in community/faq
  • See [[Talk:Sugar_Labs:Site_support]]

Here is a list of pages which are incomplete or even contain just a discussion. We need to improve them as soon as possible to get more people involved by increasing the transparency of our infrastructure, code and processes.

Steps to Add a Team to the Wiki

  • Create HOME
  • Create Template:HOME/Header
  • create HOME/GettingInvolved
  • Create Home/KnowledgeBase
  • Create Home/FAQ
  • Create Home/Contacts
  • include TODO in Community/TODO
  • include FAQ in community/FAQ

See the Community TODO list for more thing that need doing.