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This page is a draft of a work plan for Spring Intern from Harvard Graduate School of Education: Terri Singleton:

Main Goals

  * Create a bank of high quality professional development materials for teachers, parents, community outreach and training
  * Materials to be used in one day of a four day training in Peru
  * Create a modular structure that can be adapted for different goals and different lengths of workshop.

Implicit Goals

  * Improve our ability to explain how Sugar supports good pedagogy in classrooms
  * Create stories about deployments that are based in teaching and learning, not number of laptops deployed.
  * Create a feedback mechanism between the deployments with experience using Sugar and the PD
  * Create materials that feature Sugar being used around the world to foster a feeling in workshop participants of being part of a global community 
  * Help expand our grassroots community to include more teachers 
  * Provide an entrance path into the Sugar community that is not Open Source Computer Geek, thus bringing a diversity of gender and viewpoints to our community.

Intern Responsibilities

  * Write a weekly status report and post it to IAEP
  * Work towards running a local workshop for teachers and parents for $ to sustain this part of the project