XOCamp 2

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The second XOCamp is being held January 14-16 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Much of the original planning for XOCamp 2, including the fundraising and -spending, was actually carried out at SugarCamp. This is documented at olpc:XOCamp 2/Old fundraising.

For XOCamp 2, it would be good to be able to repeat this fundraising for travel scholarships. There has been a proposal to divide half of all money raised equally, and half proportionally to remaining travel costs, among all attendants who claim a need and are coming from over 500 miles away. Thus if $600 were raised and divided among two people who spent $400 and $800 on tickets, they would get $350 and $550 respectively.

All donations are tax deductible and should be sent to Sugar_Labs/Donate Sugar Labs. Please note your donation or pledge for travel here so that it can be used for this purpose instead of the general fund.


Please include contact information.


  • Charles Babbage pledges 5 pounds { babbage at differenceengine dot london }


  • Jameson Quinn, from Guatemala, to give a talk on Develop activity. Approximately $650 including bus and airfare.
  • Andres Ambrois, from Uruguay, to ???. Approximately $1300 including bus and airfare.
  • JonasSmedegaard, from Denmark, to help discuss .deb-based packaging. Approximately $670 including bus and airfare.