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Testing Sugar 0.110

Please test, and report problems on sugar-devel@ mailing list, bugs.sugarlabs.org, or the discussion page here.

To date there has been no independent testing of Sugar 0.110.

What should I test?

  • new features, see feature list,
  • bug fixes, see GitHub commits for bug list,


Fedora 26 has packaged 0.110. Fedora 25 has packaged 0.108.

For OLPC XO laptops, using OLPC OS 13.x (Fedora 18) or 14.x (Fedora 20), use the OLPC packages, and update only the Sugar packages to 0.110.0.olpc.x, like this:

sudo yum update sugar*
sudo service olpc-dm restart

However, the OLPC Sugar packages contain extra commits:

  • remove frame animation,
  • remove the transition box,
  • manufacturing support (About my computer; CPU, disk, memory and wireless firmware specifications),
  • favourites view number unnecessary, pr707,
  • journal batch erase: fix traceback, pr720,
  • view Help - Backport to WebKit and WebKit2, pr723,
  • fix for datastore.log noise, pr724,
  • view Source - distribution specific paths, pr729,
  • customise Bundle - fix logger name, pr730,
  • Frame, Network Device icons: IP address, patch backport to Fedora 18,
  • do not use connection tracking in Mission Control, OLPC#9669, OLPC#12817,
  • fix journal star icon response SL#4904,
  • add background for View Source images pr641,
  • fix screen resize race pr732,
  • restart metacity if it fails SL#4958, pr733,
  • revert e05452a ('Journal entries name can be renamed to blank'), SL#4940,
  • fix for overlarge activity ring pr735,
  • fix collision resolution in random view pr736,

This makes the OLPC Sugar packages an incomplete test of Sugar 0.110.


There are other distributions that have packaged Sugar 0.110, such as Debian or Ubuntu. On these systems, use the distribution tools to install the packages.

There are distrubutions that have not packaged Sugar 0.110. On these systems, use the GNU standard autogen, configure, make, and make install steps.