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<perrie> #start-meeting
<perrie> hello Everyone
<jaskirat> Hi once again
<perrie> #topic Restructuring the design team
<perrie> The last Design meeting conducted by the Design team was September last year as opposed to the regular meetings conducted from 2012 down
<perrie> I see a great need here, because to keep the purpose of the design team which  “Its primary purpose is to open the design approach, making
<perrie> it more transparent and allowing the community to provide feedback on
<perrie> both current and upcoming features”. We need to have to meet constantly to come up with features and discuss existing features that needs to be improved, that the community can provide feedbacks on
<perrie> *important
<jaskirat> Thats true
<jaskirat> Making a better structure frameout is good idea for beginning this initiative
<walterbender> what is a "structure frameout"?
<jaskirat> I mean
<jaskirat> Its a planning making a move from foundation part of sugarlabs like logo
<walterbender> ?
<jaskirat> The very first thing i have observed so far is that somewhere we have find some errors like name is written in ".PNG" format but tge file is in "JPEG"  format
<jaskirat> the*
<walterbender> ??? I thought we used SVG
<jaskirat> Here we have some errors in place of PNG
<walterbender> OK. 
<walterbender> that is mechanical stuff.
<jaskirat> Okay
<walterbender> we should be talking about design at the design meeting
<walterbender> for example, I think we should think about some changes to the toolbars
<perrie> yeah
<walterbender> they have always had an issue on small/narrow screens
<jaskirat> That would be nice
<walterbender> Maybe in those cases, they pull down like Android settings?
<walterbender> Or we use a Pie menu?
<walterbender> I don't know, but it would be a nice problem to chew on.
<walterbender> And maybe implement in GCI?
<perrie> walterbender, yeah i agree
<jaskirat> I see the current icons are in the format of international icon system adopted in 2005 ...should we convert those OS icons into the present system like we have in Microsoft windows
<perrie> I'm thinking we should have a stable design team first
<walterbender> perrie how do you want to organize this discussion?
<perrie> know our members, since we've had inactive members of the design team
<walterbender> I think we move forward
<walterbender> old members can come back into the fold if/when they choose to, but we should not be slowed down by them
<jaskirat> Ok
<walterbender> One thing. We do need to adhere to a process.
<perrie> walterbender: agreed, in adding new members
<perrie> my thoughts exactly
<walterbender> We cannot just bluesky without thinking about how we vet ideas and how we implement ideas.
<walterbender> We cover a lot of that in the Features section of the wiki.
<walterbender> Which perhaps can migrate to github
<jaskirat> We should start with adding colors to the OS this
<jaskirat> walterbender, what you say ?
<jaskirat> Perrie ?
<walterbender> jaskirat, We need to be systematic.
<walterbender> We have a very specific use of color in Sugar right now
<jaskirat> Yeah, i see ..just a suggestion
<walterbender> and if we change that, we need to ensure we cover all of the needs or explicitly deprecate some features
<perrie> walterbender, what do you say about the membership of the design team
<jaskirat> Okay. +1
<perrie> missed what you said earlier
<walterbender> perrie: I think anyone who wants to participate is welcome
<walterbender> and we should use the sugar-devel list for our discussions
<perrie> walterbender, +1
<jaskirat> +1
<perrie> One thing I’ve noticed with sugar desktop is that it doesn’t properly fit into the recent screens. I tried running it on a MacBook Pro 13” and an air 13”, I noticed that the readability of the text was low due to the fact that the fonts were too small. I plan to create interfaces with and improved readability (larger fonts sizes)
<walterbender> It was designed for small screens
<perrie> * I plan to create interfaces with good and improved readability
<perrie> walterbender, is there no plan for bigger screens
<walterbender> but it doesn't work well on really small screens or, as you observed, really big screens.
<perrie> since sugar isn't tied to XOs anymore
<walterbender> we should fix that
<walterbender> there is not an overall mechasism for setting font size (or icon size) in Sugar, although it is mostly driven by CSS, so we could do that.
<walterbender> Maybe explore modifying the CSS to see what changes might make sense on a large screen?
<perrie> walterbender, since we have a roadmap to sugar1, i think we can implement it in that
<perrie> So with trying to increase things like the font sizes I would also like to create new interfaces for sugar but maintaining its usability and functionality like our the culture around journal, activities, neighborhood etc
<walterbender> then we can think about how to make that happen (either through configuration or automatically)
<jaskirat> Thats true but we should take it into consideration that we should focus more on UX than UI
<perrie> walterbender, agreed
<walterbender> perrie, FYI, I think this is where you'd play:
<perrie> Jaskirat, sugar already already has a good UX
<jaskirat> Yes i am talking about whatever we will be implementing in future
<perrie> so basically it just trying to fix sugar into bigger screens
<perrie> For the logo, I want to suggest we do an open call for a redesign.
<jaskirat> We can add this task in gci too
<perrie> +1
<perrie> walterbender, what do you think?
<jaskirat> ?
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<perrie> #topic Working with the marketing team
<perrie> good way designers can help support the marketing team is creating visual contents that can be used to
<perrie> Market sugar. For example creating flyers for social media, artworks
<perrie> One*
<walterbender> sorry. I was interrupted for a few minutes.
<walterbender> perrie, why do you want to redesign the logo?
<walterbender> and which logo are you referring to? XO or Sugar Labs?
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<perrie> isn't XO f
<perrie> for OLPC
<perrie> I'm referring to Sugar Labs logo
<perrie> I'm thinking we should add an Icon
<walterbender> Right now, I think the XO icon is pretty synonymous with Sugar Labs.
<walterbender> But if you want to explore other ideas, feel free.
<walterbender> But I think there are other priorities.
<walterbender> Perhaps the marketing team disagrees... you should solicit their input.
<perrie> I'll do that
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<perrie> I have in mind to create some tasks for the redesign of sugar icons for GCI
<jaskirat> Yeah probably this time i would be focusing more on TB part so we can frame something
<walterbender> OK
<walterbender> that'd be fun
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<walterbender> and other Marketing materials as well
<samsongoddy> Hello
<jaskirat> Yeah that too
<samsongoddy> I think I didn't follow up with the timing
<perrie> i will add that too
<walterbender> perrie, I need to get going soon.
<walterbender> can we summarize and discuss next steps?
<perrie> walterbender, That's all I have for now
<jaskirat> Rest things we can take up on mailing list
<perrie> we should do this more often
<walterbender> We meet same time each month?
<jaskirat> And i will try to update the design wiki
<jaskirat> Yeah we can
<walterbender> Seems the immediate need is GCI tasks... that cannot wait a month :P
<perrie> Next Steps, I will create the GCI tasks for marketing
<jaskirat> Thats great
<jaskirat> I would too
<perrie> and sugar icons
<jaskirat> Hm okay great
<jaskirat> Perrie if you need any help pleass feel free to discuss...
<jaskirat> I have to go now
<perrie> sure.
<jaskirat> Thanks everyone.. Good bye
<perrie> thanks everyone.
<perrie> bye
<walterbender> thank you