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Editor de icono (Home) custom. El mismo se encuentra en ~/.icons

Customize the XO icon by selecting from a gallery of choices. Choices are in: ~/.icons


Current status

Detailed Description

Actividad para cambiar el icono (del home) de la XO.

Activity for change the icon (home icon).

See captures:

Captura pantalla de Icon Change.png Captura pantalla de Icon Change 1.png Captura pantalla de Icon Change 2.png Captura pantalla de Icon Change 3.png

Benefit to Sugar

Algunos usuarios podrían disfrutar de cambiar el logo XO en HomeView.

Some users would enjoy changing the XO logo in HomeView.


It will create an activity to change the icon, the idea is to fence in conjunction with Feature: Multiple Homeviews

Se creará un actividad para cambiar el icono, la idea es que valla en conjunto con el Feature: Multiple Homeviews

How To Test

I'm on github: https://github.com/ignaciouy/xo-icon

Estoy en github: https://github.com/ignaciouy/xo-icon

User Experience


None. They're coming by default in sugar.

Contingency Plan


Release Notes

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