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Status: Active
Active as of May 2014
Group Members: Derek Gonyeo, Matt Soucy, Dylan Ayrey, Liam Middlebrook
An educational game that teaches fractions with various puzzles


Math Island is an educational game, where players play as a robot to find a way off of an island. The robot's fuel tank is represented in fractions, and fractions of a whole tank's worth of fuel can be picked up at points in the level.

Current Status

  • The game can currently be run on Linux if pygame is installed
  • The game can be installed and run on an OLPC

To Do

  • Finish UI
  • Make interesting and challenging levels
  • Make a menu system
  • Finish art work


The game is licensed under the MIT license, available here.

Resources and Links

Repository -



On Math Island, the user plays as a robot that has been stranded on an island. The robot has a limited amount of fuel, and there's a point on the island where it can escape. The player must navigate the robot past various obstacles to reach the end without running out of fuel. The robot's current fuel level and extra fuel tanks that the user can find are represented in fractions of a full fuel tank, and it costs a fraction of a fuel tank to move over terrain. Different types of terrain have different costs. The goal of the game is to teach fractions at the level of a fourth grader, as defined by New York State. Players will need to calculate the cost of fuel to move across to a location, and calculate how much fuel they will gain by picking up a tank.