Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-09-30

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Agenda for SLOBs Meeting

2020-09-30 at 20:00 UTC on Jitsi

Role Call

SLOBs Present: Devin, James, Lionel, Alex, Claudia, Ibiam SL Inc. Present: Devin, James, Samson, Lionel, Alex, Claudia, Walter

Guests: None

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)

Nothing to report

Reports from Ombudsman

Nothing to report

James and Ibiam Sugar Activity Job Report

SLOBs discussed the activities they would like to work on:

Alex would like to see IRC Activity ported. (mostly agreed, but some considerations for how to connect) "Amazonas Torgua" (Turtle for Peru) -- subclass instead of a fork??? Numbers (and other activities) are essentially the same code. (Hewitt) Labyrinth (mind-mapping tool) is nice, but maybe it should be rewritten from scratch. GetBooks -- Hooked into Project Gutenberg.

Popular ones that need work: Math Quwy Hangman (maybe refactor for pedals falling off a flower) Make them fall Sonic Jump Jamedia Tubes -- "Chosen b/c we need a media player for sugar..." Etoys -- "I think this activity should be brought back to sugar" I can read

Needs testing Implode Nutrition [...]

Start on GetBooks first.

1023 Status Report and Action Items

Aaron will have something for us by the end of this week or early next week.

Board Composition and Election (Cont.)

Send out a note that says if you are running for a position, the deadline is Oct. 31st. Election will be last week in Nov.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

2020-10-14 at 20:00 UTC on Jitsi


Closed at 21:00 UTC