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Compressed USB Images with similar features to openSUSE-Sugar-live-.iso

  • Boots from USB/SD
  • Over 50 activities
  • works well

.raw images downloaded from:

How to Image USB/SD Drives

sudo dd if=/home/suse/"myappliance".raw of=/dev/sdb bs=4k

Typical Imaging Session

With decompresed raw file on ~/Desktop (BE CERTAIN your USB is sdb (the volume ID). (DO NOT use sdb1, the first partition ID). Change, if different.

XXXX:~/Desktop/$ sudo dd if=openSUSE-Sugar-liveUSB-unstable.i686-0.0.3-Build4.17.raw of=/dev/sdb bs=4k
[sudo] password for XXXX:
463360+0 records in
463360+0 records out
1897922560 bytes (1.9 GB) copied, 195.168 s, 9.7 MB/s