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Google Code In 2017

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This is the project page for the Sugar Labs [ application ] to [ Google Code In 2017]. Sugar Labs community members: please feel free to add tasks below. We'll do an edit before final applications are due the fourth week of October 2017.
== Message to potential participants ==
Es importante que obtengas el permiso de tus padres para participar.
Please see the Contest Rules for Eligibility and Registration process.
:Feel free to add new tasks to the table above.
Depending on the projecttask, we will assign multiple mentors from our various development and support teams.
* Walter Bender - co-administrator
* Ignacio Rodriguez -co-administrator
* Hrishi Patel
* Tayba Wasim (Tabs16)
* Ibiam Chihurumnaya
* Rishabh Thaney
* Samson Goddy
*Maluchukwu Nebeolisa (Malus)

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