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Fedora 30

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''Fedora and the Infinity design logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc.''
==Fedora 30==
* page updated 05/30/July 9 2019*Release is set for 05Released 04/30/2019
* (new)*** * [ Fedora 30 Sugar on a Stick for Raspberry Pi]* (30_RCRespin: F30-SOAS-x86_64-120190708.iso has XO's in in networking CP)
==upgrading-fedora-30-to-fedora-31==* ==Upgrading f29 to f30==* DNF_system_upgrade
* test builds : httpFedora 28 will be EOL on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019===f30 Common Bugs===**
*new sugar 0.113 version: [[File:F30-software.png|600px400px]]*f1 network neighborhood with XO's when "" is added to network: [[File:F30-network_neighborhood.png|600px400px]]
"What changes when Rpi 3B+;Rpi2B+; or "other is selected in version ?"
*satellit May 19, 2019
"Nothing, really. The tentative plan was to support more ARM spins in the future but no work towards that was done yet."
*Martin Bříza:5/20/2019
: ask for help on IRC freenode #cinnamon
==Install Documents==
: f30===*** =Raspberry_Pi="Fedora supports the the Raspberry Pi Model 2B and 3-series of devices including the 3B, 3B+, 3A+, 3CM and 3CM+ in Fedora 29 and later releases."::May work with Rpi3 (older model)* ( Used to flash micro-sd) ::Prefered method: Fedora Mediawriter (see above) * (read this first)* (f30-1.2 release)* (armhfp):: (AArch64)**** (f31 rawhide)* (old work):: on other distributions==: (Ubuntu):: (debian)::: :: (OpenSuse)::: ===Rpi-2/3=== ** (armv7hl) illustrated below: 32 GB micro sd::Older model Rpi-2 ::(sudo dnf groupinstall sugar-desktop-environment) ::(sudo dnf install sugar-runner);LATER arm builds require Rpi-2b/3b to boot;Tested with f29/f30/f31-rawhide which do not boot on Rpi-2[[File:If29-rpi2-2.jpg|400px]] [[File:If29-rpi2.jpg|400px]]::fedberry-f29.1 - sugar 0.112 no jabber ===Rpi-3b+=== * in Rpi3B+==== :[[File:F30_arm_sugar_net.jpg|400px]]  ; Fedora-Mate-armhfp-30-20190427.n.0-sda.raw ^::sugar-runner in mate f30 arm:: sugar 0.113 - jabber works  :[[File:Kde_f30_arm_initial_setup.jpg|400px]] *intial setup:[[File:Kde_f30_arm_ver.jpg|400px]]  ;Fedora-KDE-armhfp-30-20190427.n.0-sda.raw ^   ; Fedora-LXDE-armhfp-30-1.2-sda.raw (works) * [[File:Gparted.jpg|400px]] :move partition 3 to fullsize ^*32GB micro sd:install GParted::sudo dnf install gparted ====soas f30 1.2 with fix (aperez)====* f30 1.2 with fix (aperez) ====not working====*;soas does not start:::"<pwhalen> satellit, seeing the same issue. it looks like the initramfs is host-only for some reason. Looking at the kickstart I think I see why.<pwhalen> we remove dracut-config-generic in post, but it looks like we also rebuild the initramfs for sugar as well..seems like the rebuild happens after we remove dracut-config-generic.. so host only :( <pwhalen> satellit, broken in rawhide as well - 15M May 14 15:59 initramfs-5.1.0-1.fc31.armv7hl.img<pwhalen> should be around 40-50M""<pwhalen> satellit, if you replace the initramfs with this one -<pwhalen> it will boot. Thanks for bringing this to our attention." *may 15:<pwhalen> satellit, mount the sd, the look for the partition labelled boot <pwhalen> might be easiest to then right click and open in terminal, then 'su -c "wget"'<pwhalen> then 'sudo mv initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img.1 initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img'<pwhalen> should od it<pwhalen> or do it even<pwhalen> and we'll get it fixed for f31. As it is it will only work in qemu. *;fix applied (20 may 2019):Download (to Downloads/f30/):satellit@localhost ~]$ cd /run/media/satellit/__boot/::[satellit@localhost __boot]$ su::Password: ::[root@localhost __boot]# chmod 777 initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img::[root@localhost __boot]# rm initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img:::rm: remove regular file 'initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img'?::: y::[root@localhost __boot]# cp /home/satellit/Downloads/f30/initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img /run/media/satellit/__boot/initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img [root@localhost __boot]#  :[[File:Soas-fixed.jpg|400px]]: [[File:F30_soas_fixed_2.jpg|400px]]::128 GB microsd with gparted "since I had 128 GB; I installed:Cinnamon-desktop-environment; then did an update." *;workstation stops at starting GDM =Trimslice=*;::old page with testing
=livedcd-tools installed in mounted soas f30 usb=
SoaS 30 does come with the livecd-tools installed and the livecd-iso-to-disk installation script is copied to the /LiveOS/ directory on the .iso filesystem (so it is available from a mounted .iso file at <mountpoint>/LiveOS/livecd-iso-to-disk). The wiki instructions have been updated.
=8 GB f30 soas USB with persistence=
* usb (Used gnome disks: to format to fat and marked bootable)
""NOTE: Will not do an install if USB is Persistent ""
[satellit@localhost ~]$ cd Downloads/f30
[satellit@localhost f30]$ su
[root@localhost f30]# mount
====================================================================*mount ;( to show mounted 8 GB usb formatted in disks as fat (x)bootable )====================================================================
[root@localhost f30]# livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 2000 --home-size-mb 2000 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-30-1.2.iso /dev/sdb1
Verifying image...
Target device is now set up with a Live image!
[root@localhost f30]#
=8 GB and 16 GB Persistent USB's=
==8 GB f30 soas USB with persistence==
* fat format marked bootable (Used gnome disks)
*changed background to show persistence worked after reboot
==Terminal output==
[satellit@localhost ~]$ cd Downloads/rawhide
[satellit@localhost rawhide]$ su
[root@localhost rawhide]#
[root@localhost rawhide]# livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 2000 --home-size-mb 2000 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20181212.n.1.iso /dev/sdb1
[root@localhost rawhide]# livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 2000 --home-size-mb 2000 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20181212.n.1.iso /dev/sdb1
Verifying image...
/home/satellit/Downloads/rawhide/Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20181212.n.1.iso: 7c45a5171c275ba9185273b7936aa5f7
Fragment sums: 326fafe823b9f5462d8b71baade13d333b817887c1b1a7e24b347f5f9e71
Fragment count: 20
Supported ISO: no
Press [Esc] to abort check.
Checking: 100.0%
The media check is complete, the result is: PASS.
It is OK to use this media.
Copying LiveOS image to target device...
898,441,216 100% 201.98MB/s 0:00:04 (xfr#1, to-chk=0/1)
Syncing filesystem writes to disc.
Please wait, this may take a while...
Setting up /EFI/BOOT
Updating boot config files.
Initializing persistent overlay...
livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 2000 --home-size-mb 2000 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20181126.n.0.iso /dev/sdb1livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 2000 --home-size-mb 2000 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20181126.n.0.iso /dev/sdb12000+0 records in
2000+0 records out
2097152000 bytes (2.1 GB, 2.0 GiB) copied, 393.404 s, 5.3 MB/s
Initializing persistent /home
2000+0 records in
2000+0 records out
2097152000 bytes (2.1 GB, 2.0 GiB) copied, 549.836 s, 3.8 MB/s
Formatting unencrypted home.img
mke2fs 1.44.3 (10-July-2018)
Creating filesystem with 512000 4k blocks and 128000 inodes
Filesystem UUID: 01095cb1-d795-4435-8283-2f3c2868160e
Superblock backups stored on blocks:
32768, 98304, 163840, 229376, 294912
Allocating group tables: done
Writing inode tables: done
Creating journal (8192 blocks): done
Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: done
tune2fs 1.44.3 (10-July-2018)
Setting maximal mount count to -1
Setting interval between checks to 0 seconds
Installing boot loader...
Target device is now set up with a Live image!
[root@localhost rawhide]# livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 2000 --home-size-mb 2000 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20181126.n.0.iso /dev/sdb1livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 2000 --home-size-mb 2000 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20181126.n.0.iso /dev/sdb1
==16 GB USB persistent==
[root@localhost rawhide]# livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 4086 --home-size-mb 4086 --delete-home --unencrypted-home Fedora-SoaS-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20181123.n.1.iso /dev/sdb1
bootable (in gnome-disks)
* (old)
* (older links)
*Interesting project to create a schoolserver
==live demos of Internet-in-a-Box==
=Available Groups=
Use to install a second Desktop Environment
dnf groupinstall ......
Available Environment Groups:
Fedora Custom Operating System (custom-environment)
Minimal Install (minimal-environment)
Fedora Server Edition (server-product-environment)
Fedora Workstation (workstation-product-environment)
Fedora Cloud Server (cloud-server-environment)
KDE Plasma Workspaces (kde-desktop-environment)
Xfce Desktop (xfce-desktop-environment)
LXDE Desktop (lxde-desktop-environment)
LXQt Desktop (lxqt-desktop-environment)
MATE Desktop (mate-desktop-environment)
Sugar Desktop Environment (sugar-desktop-environment)
Development and Creative Workstation (developer-workstation-environment)
Web Server (web-server-environment)
Infrastructure Server (infrastructure-server-environment)
Basic Desktop (basic-desktop-environment)
Cinnamon Desktop (cinnamon-desktop-environment)
Available Groups:
3D Printing (3d-printing)
Administration Tools (admin-tools)
Ansible node (ansible-node)
Authoring and Publishing (authoring-and-publishing)
Books and Guides (books)
C Development Tools and Libraries (c-development)
Cloud Infrastructure (cloud-infrastructure)
Cloud Management Tools (cloud-management)
Compiz (compiz)
Container Management (container-management)
D Development Tools and Libraries (d-development)
Design Suite (design-suite)
Development Tools (development-tools)
Domain Membership (domain-client)
Fedora Eclipse (eclipse)
Editors (editors)
Educational Software (education)
Electronic Lab (electronic-lab)
Engineering and Scientific (engineering-and-scientific)
FreeIPA Server (freeipa-server)
Games and Entertainment (games)
Headless Management (headless-management)
LibreOffice (libreoffice)
MATE Applications (mate-applications)
Medical Applications (medical)
Milkymist (milkymist)
Network Servers (network-server)
Office/Productivity (office)
Python Classroom (python-classroom)
Python Science (python-science)
Robotics (robotics-suite)
RPM Development Tools (rpm-development-tools)
Security Lab (security-lab)
Sound and Video (sound-and-video)
System Tools (system-tools)
Text-based Internet (text-internet)
Window Managers (window-managers)
group persistor md version: 0.6.0
='''Following content is untested''' (Copied from f25)=
rm: remove directory 'lmc'? y
[root@localhost var]#

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