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Getting Started

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<center><big><big><big>The Constructionist Learning Environment</big></big></big></center>
== About Sugar ==
'''Developers''': Those interested in developing Sugar software should visit our [ developer documentation website].
==Getting Sugar==
<center> <big><big>Where do you want to install sugar? </big></big> </center>
<center>(Jump directly to installation, or read through for step-by-step instruction).</center>
<center> '''Quick Links : ''' [[#Hardware requirements]], [[#Sugar Live CD]], [[#Sugar on a Stick]], [[#Sugar on a Virtual_Machine]] </center>
<center>Or scroll down to explore more on the various possibilities of Sugar OS !</center>
This section aims to be an introductory walkthrough of some of the methods of installing Sugar covered on the pages [[Sugar on a Stick/Installation]] and [[Supported systems]].
== Installing Sugar ==
Sugar can be installed as an Operating System installed on a Hard Drive, Live CD, or a USB Drive. Alternatively it supports almost all Debian-based and RHEL based Linux Operating Systems, and can be natively installed as a Desktop Environment.
Jump to See any of the OSes in [[#Getting Sugar Live CD]], [[#Sugar on a Stick]] or as [[#Sugar on a Virtual_Machine]] .
===Sugar Live CD===
All VMs have excellent documentation on how to boot an .iso and again it is covered on this page [[Sugar on a Stick/Installation#SoaS on VirtualBox]] and the method to make a Sugar on a Stick from your VM, is covered here [[Sugar on a Stick/Installation#with Microsoft Windows]] in Method 3, Launch a virtual machine with the Sugar on a Stick .iso file, then run the script, livecd-iso-to-disk
= Projects =
== Sugarizer ==
Sugarizer is a free/libre learning platform. The Sugarizer UI use ergonomic principles from The Sugar platform, developed for the One Laptop per Child project and used every day by more than 2 million children around the world.
Sugarizer runs on every device: from Raspberry Pi computers to Android and iOS phones to tablets and to laptops and desktops.
Sugarizer includes a bunch of pedagogic activities thought for children, see here for more.
Sugarizer is available as:
Application: an installable app for every operating system
Web Application: a web application that runs in modern web browsers
Sugarizer is not a fork of sugar. To know more or to sugarizer, click [[ here]]
Or try me now here [[]]
== MusicBlocks ==
Music Blocks is a collection of manipulative tools for exploring fundamental musical concepts in an integrative and fun way.
<gallery mode=packed heights=200px>
Try it right away in your browser : [[]]
For more information, check out the [[ GitHub repository]] for Installation instructions and other information.
== TurtleBlocks ==
Turtle Art, also known as Turtle Blocks, is an activity with a Logo-inspired graphical "turtle" that draws colorful art based on snap-together visual programming elements. Its "low floor" provides an easy entry point for beginners. It also has "high ceiling" programming, graphics, mathematics, and Computer Science features which will challenge the more adventurous student.
Try it now [[]].
For more information, check out the [[ GitHub repository]] for Installation instructions and other information.
== Please Explore Sugar ==

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