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Talk:BugSquad/Bug Report

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<noinclude>{{ GoogleTrans-en | es =show | bg =show | zh-CN =show | zh-TW =show | hr =show | cs =show | da =show | nl =show | fi =show | fr =show | de =show | el =show | hi =show | it =show | ja =show | ko =show | no =show | pl =show | pt =show | ro =show | ru =show | sv =show }}</noinclude>{{stub}}It's intended to become a resource on how to write good sugar bug reports.
* Some assigned bug reports are written in an opaque (to outsiders) shorthand that may make sense for the developer involved, but could forestall anyone else from being able to pop into and contribute towards.
* Please please please cross-reference tickets in Trac. When a comment on a ticket refers to "that other ticket where Foobar happened," nobody else knows what "Foobar" was!
:* Good candidate for triage guidelines! --[[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]

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