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===What are the priorities for Sugar development? ===
:* The [;a=blob;f=/plain/roadmap.txt;hb?id=HEAD 04d728fffec6281f76460f58e3f74c9ad77e5ce7 1.0 Roadmap] should give you a good idea of what are the medium term priorities. --[[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]
* What is the goal for this upcoming milestones?
:* For 0.82, the next Sugar release, we are going to work mainly on OLPC [ Update.2 priorities]. I need to extract the major Sugar features and changes from there and add to the [[DevelopmentTeamDevelopment Team/Release/Roadmap]]. Other than that 0.82 will be mostly bug fixes. --[[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]
* What are the big annoyances/obstacles to making the above happen?

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