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Design Team/Proposals/Journal

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__TOC__== [[Journal NewUI]] ==== [[Design Team/Proposals/Journal#Datastore|Datastore]] ==<noinclude>* See Sascha Silbe's [ version support project] specifically [ datastore-redesign] (enter click the raw blob data link at the top of the page to see the HTML rendered in your proposal's pithy name browser), and this [ mailing list thread], or this [ compilation of the discussion] in context with the Subjectproposal document.</headline boxnoinclude>== [[Design Team/Proposals/Journal#Tags under titles|Tags under titles]] ==<noinclude>[[Image:journal_tag_mockup_frm_gary_v1.png|thumb|centre|640px|Example mock-up based on current Journal (0.84) using two lines for title and tags per each entry. Notes: Entries with no tags have their title vertically centred to keep visual balance; entries with more tags than can be displayed end with an ellipsis, this could just be indicative that there are more tags, or have hover hint function showing the remaining un-after clicking displayed tags. Clicking a tag should add it to the search field to allow drilling down into results.]]</noinclude>CSA: If you incorporate ordered tags, based on the new page section link belowfilesystem paths, they could look like this:[[Image:journal_tag_dir_styles.)jpg|center|Tag styles]]
'''== [[Design Team/Proposals/Journal/Toolbar and palettes | Toolbar and palettes]] ==<span class="plainlinks"noinclude>See Gary Martin's mockups, such as this:[http[Image://|centre|640px|link=Design_Team/VisionDesign Team/Proposals/Journal&action=edit&section=/Toolbar and palettes|Tag fill colour is graduated from white to grey based on the tag frequency. Not sure we want to introduce a new edit - 'colour'Add my Proposal Name'language but thought a mock-up would be worth it (though it's certainly the most visually clear indication of frequency given the space). Also works with white text and grey to black fill.]]</spannoinclude>]'''
== [[Design Team/Proposals/Journal#GMail-style tag view |GMail-style tag view]] ==
*RationaleTags drag-and-drop-able from a left-side palette.*Features[[Image:journal_mockup_cscott.png|thumb|center|640px|GMail-inspired Journal mockup.]]*Implementation Details[[Image:journal_demo_cscott.png|thumb|center|640px|Journal2 demo]]*Comments==Subpages=={{Special:PrefixIndex/{{PAGENAMEE}}/}}

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