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Development Team/Jhbuild/Ubuntu

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== Supported versions ==
Currently intrepid (8.10) and jaunty (9.04) are supported.
'''Ubuntu is currently unsupported''' because all recent versions lack at least one important package ([ python-xpcom]). == Prerequites Prerequisites == In order to install sugar-jhbuild, you need git-core and svnsubversion.
== Installing dependencies ==
After installing and updating sugar-jhbuild according to the [[../|common instructions]], you can use this invocation to install all dependencies automatically:
./sugar-jhbuild depscheck -s | sudo xargs aptitude -y install
== Fixing RPATH Significant bugs ==To work around a bug in the Gnome Python bindings, you need to issue the following commands after installing all dependencies:
sudo aptitude install chrpath find * [ broken D-Bus security configuration] that prevents sugar-supportemulator from working (because Xephyr cannot work).* [http:/python-gnome2/ sugar-2emulator doesn't work properly if the X server uses evdev as keyboard driver] (because of a Xephyr bug).0 * [https:/usr/ -name "*.so" | sudo xargs chrpath +index python-dxpcom missing] (and thus Browse cannot work)
== PenguinTV Potential pitfalls ==
You * gtk-recordmydesktop may have some issues with penguintv on Ubuntu, just interrupt the pull with a CTRL+C, open a shell, repeat the command manually, and accept the certificate permanently.prevent sugar-emulator from working properly

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