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Deployment Team/Resources

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<noinclude>{{ GoogleTrans-en TeamHeader| es =show | bg =show | zh-CN =show | zh-TW =show | hr =show | cs =show | da =show | nl =show | fi =show | fr =show | de =show | el =show | hi =show | it =show | ja =show | ko =show | no =show | pl =show | pt =show | ro =show | ru =show | sv =show Deployment Team}}{{TeamHeader|Deployment TeamTOCright}} [[Category:Deployment]][[Category:Help]][[Category:Resource]]</noinclude>{{TOCright}}See [[Deployment Team/Places]] for tables of where Sugar is deployed. 
===Mailing lists===
There are a number of mailing lists where deployment issues are discussed. We've agreed to use OLPC-Sur and IAEP as the primary channels for the moment.
* [ Nepal] OLPC in Nepal
* [ It's an education project (IAEP)] A discussion list for Sugar and the learning theories that it espouses
* [ OLPC UK] OLPC/Sugar in the United Kingdom
* [ SugarLabs Colombia]
* [ OLPC/Sugar Support Gang] and its [ volunteer team site]
===Deployment guides/ Sugar manuals===
* [ OLPC deployment guide]
* [ OLPC deployment workbook]
* [[olpc:OLPCorps_Technical_Manual|OLPCorps Technical Manual]]
* [ Class Acts: Curated Resources for Smaller Deployments Especially]
* [ OLE Nepal deployment guide]
* [[Deployment Team/Small_deployment_guide| Guide to a small Sugar deployment]]
* [ Nauru deployment guide]
* [[Image:ProgramaOLPC.pdf]] Peru OLPC program figures.
* [http://collabowww.fsefranxophonie.ulaval.caorg/images/stories/olpcfichiers/GuideXOGabon.pdf OLPC Gabon PDF] (French), [[Deployment Team/Resources/GuideXOGabon| Google Translation to English]]* [ Paraguay deployment notes]* [ materials from Peru]* [ Peru deployment home page]* Introduction to Python in Sugar [ 1]; [ 2]; [ 3]* [ Report on the Haiti pilot deployment]* [ EDUCATIONAL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES IN URUGUAY] (in Spanish)* [[File:La_Laptop_XO_en_el_Aula.pdf|La Laptop XO en el Aula]]* [ Oceania orientation workshop workbook] ===Videos=== We have [ a channel on]. Please add your Sugar videos. ====Using Sugar===={{:Video Using Sugar}} ====Background material====* [ Deployments in Haiti, St. John, Florida, and Nicaragua]* [ Birmingham Alabama deployment]* [ The King School in Cambridge, MA]* [ General videos about laptops in elementary schools from the Eastern Township School Board]* [ Sesión de aprendizaje de comunicación empleando la XO]
===Sugar-related blogs/wikis===
* – blog focusing on Waveplace deployments (featuring Sugar)
* – wiki maintained by students using Sugar in Australia
* – Washington DC Sugar/OLPC group blog
* -Sugarlabs Colombia Blog
===Meeting opportunities===
What are some forums for meet-ups between teachers and developers? Please add to this list.
 * [[Category:Deployment]][[Category:Help]][[Categoryhttp:Resource]// CeibalJam](IV CeibalJam)

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