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|Jul 23
|Sucrose 0.85.2 Tarballs Due
|[[0.86/0.85.2_Notes | Release Notes]]
|Jul 24
|Aug 21
|Sucrose 0.85 Alpha (0.85.3)
|[[Development_Team/Release#Feature_freeze |Feature and API Freeze]], [[Development_Team/Release#String_cooling | String Cooling*]]
|Aug 27
|Sep 04
|Sucrose 0.85.5 Beta (0.85.5)
|[[Development_Team/Release#String_Freeze | String Freeze**]]
|Sep 10
|Sep 11
|Sucrose 0.85.6
|[[0.86/0.85.6 Notes|0.85.6 Notes]] [[0.86/Testing]]
|Sep 17
|Sucrose 0.86 85.7 Tarballs Due|Hard code freeze
|Sep 18
|Sucrose 0.85.7
|[[0.86/0.85.7 Notes|0.85.7 Notes]]
|Sep 21
|[[Development_Team/Release#Hard_code_freeze | Hard code freeze]]: no source code changes can be made without approval from the release-team. Translation and documentation can continue.
|Sep 24
|Sucrose 0.86 Tarballs Due, end [[Development_Team/Release#Hard_code_freeze | Hard code freeze]], but other freezes remain in effect for the stable branch.
|Sep 25
|Sucrose 0.86 Final Release!
|Oct 01
|Sucrose 0.86.1 Tarballs Due
|Oct 02
|Sucrose 0.86.1 Bugfix Release 1
|[[0.86/0.86.1 Notes|0.86.1 Notes]]
|Oct 08
|Sucrose 0.86.2 Tarballs Due
|Oct 09
|Sucrose 0.86.2 Bugfix Release 2
|[[0.86/0.86.2 Notes|0.86.2 Notes]]
* hulahop
== [[Features/Policy|Feature]] Process ==
* [[Features/Feature Template]] provides a guideline for documenting a feature.
* [[0.86/Testing]] provides a compilation of feature testing pages.
* Please follow the instructions on [[Features/Policy]].
===Features===* [ Features awaiting review]. [ Features accepted Feature Ready for Sucrose 0.86]. == Ideas == ==== New toolbar widget ====* add new widget and switch basic activities to it* keep the old widget if some of the activities do not change in this cycle (most will not)* [[Design_Team/Designs/Toolbars Release Manager| Eben's mockups]]* [[Design_Team/Proposals/Toolbars | Gary's toolbar mockupsFeature awaiting review]] using current example/needs (TurtleArt-52 is first mockup)* Ticket [ #452]* Solution for the 'Stop activity' issue* Owner/Coordinator: Simon - ping Benzea? ==== On-disk icon cache ==== Cache pre-rendered svg icons on disk. * Owner/Coordinator: Benzea ==== Browse ====* Lucian: SSB (Site specific browsing) -* bookmarks (global bookmarks, at the moment we only have session bookmarks and the auto-completion functionality) - needed by SSB* better naming of files to be uploaded [ #901](change temp name to something based on the title)* uploading (above) is also dependent on filenames being preserved on download [ #899]* export for offline viewing (Web page - HTML only, Web page - Complete)* creating of web pages (highlighting support in Write, Activity with special HTML based features(can happen outside of the official cycle))* fix theme (scroll-bars [httpCategory://devFeature Accepted #805], html form widgets - Gary)* Owner/Coordinator: Simon ==== Journal ====* tag auto completion for already existing tags, tag clouds** its implemented in Library activity as well* Owner/Coordinator: Kartik Rustagi (widget from the tagging work in the mesh), attach it to Library?* Mock-ups** [[Design_Team/Designs/Journal86 |Previous action/object view Journal mock-ups]] from Eben** [[Design_Team/Proposals/Journal|Journal toolbar & palette change mock-ups]] Features accepted for discussion from Gary ==== More Accelerators (short cuts) ====* make sure we use the standard accelerator UI where possible for existing bindings, get discussion about which modifiers might be worth changing/adding/removing* [[Design_Team/Proposals/Keyboard_Action]]* Owner/Coordinator: Homunq? ==== Printing support ====* [ Google summer of code project]* Owner/Coordinator: IwikiwI  ==== Search in home view ====* The search is recently builds disabled* Owner/Coordinator: ? ==== Collaboration ====* Scalable presence service - Integrate gadget in the Sugar UI [ #7711]* Make collaboration more stable* Owner/Coordinator: Tomeu/Simon ==== Groups ====* Tagging buddies to build up relations, tagging can happen by a teacher tagging a class or the learner can tag himself* Owner/Coordinator: Kartik Rustagi* [[Tagging_Proposal|Proposal]] ==== Mesh View ====* Use buddy color to seed the position to get a more stable positioning in the mesh view* See ticket [ #318]* Owner/Coordinator: Simon Schampijer === Connection indication ===* Indication of current connection (probably in the device section of the frame)* Owner/Coordinator: Simon Schampijer ==== Ad-hoc networking ====* As an alternative to the mesh* Owner/Coordinator: [[User:Tomeu|Tomeu Vizoso]] ==== Bindings ====* Moving Sugar to [ PyBank] to save memory and improve startup speed. Pybank builds the bindings as you need them, so you don't import all the bindings for gtk at startup of every process.* [ Vala bindings] for the toolkit** (?) we could write [[#Decoupling of Sucrose]]/'''bridge''' level on vala i.e. use for '''core''' only dbus API and provide bride level in vala binding [[User:Alsroot|Alsroot]] 06:15, 25 May 2009 (UTC)* Owner/Coordinator: Tomeu ==== Keyboard control panel extension ====* (Sayamindu would prefer to keep it as a separate module, since everyone may not choose to go with XKB)* Owner/Coordinator: Sayamindu ==== Dictionary support in the shell ====* [ Dictionary Proposal]* Owner/Coordinator: Sayamindu ==== CP - Language in native language ====* link to ticket here* Owner/Coordinator: Sayamindu ==== TA ====* de-couple the portfolio from the base TA* revive TA with Sensors (requires revisiting RPM issues re multiple architectures)* Owner/Coordinator: Walter ==== Honey ====* repackage Measure:: Owner/Coordinator: ???* add Open Office for Children:: Owner/Coordinator: ???* add a video editing activity:: Owner/Coordinator: ??? ==== Activities external to Sugar ====launch activities outside of Sugar:: Owner/Coordinator: ??? ==== integration with new Collabora code ==== ==== Rainbow support ====* Owner/Coordinator: mstone??? ==== on-the-fly i18n support ====Let users translate strings and push them back to Pootle* as per C Scott's demo from Sugar Camp 2008-11:: Owner/Coordinator: ??? ==== Library activity ====* [[Activities/Library | Library Activity Proposal]]* in honey* maybe we want a pluggable Views(Home/Journal) to ease the use of such kinds of activities(activities that can browse sugar objects)** another option - add autostart activities* Owner/Coordinator: Alsroot === Read Activity === * Bookmarks support** Owner: Sayamindu** Status: 75% complete (bookmarks work - support adding notes to them is pending)* Epub Support** Owner: Sayamindu** Status: 80% complete (Epub files are fully viewable. Changes to webkit needs to be upstreamed)* Long keypress support** Owner: Sayamindu** Status: 50% complete (proof of concept code ready, needs integration into Read codebase, and one patch for Xlib needs to go upstream) === ImageViewer Activity ===* Image sharing support (as in Read)** Owner: Sayamindu** Status: Complete  ==== API work ====* backwards compability* ( will take care for the activities needs for a working activity on 0.82 for example) see "Decoupling of Sucrose" section [[User:Alsroot|Alsroot86 release]] 16:16, 21 May 2009 (UTC)* (?) start moving to pure dbus interface for glucose** dbus method to resume/open activities(instead of sugar-toolkit API)*** something simple like dbus_object.activate(uid) or** etc.* Owner/Coordinator: Aleksey ==== Decoupling of Sucrose ====The major idea is to have tough core(with stable release cycle) <=> dbus-API/sugar-toolkit-API(in ideal only dbus) <=> unlimited count of activities that uses core functionality and do not follow 6 months release cycle(which could be overmuch for activity). It could looks like:* '''core''' - glucose, six months(or so) release cycle, w/o any activities, only API** in ideal, it should have only dbus API* '''bridge''' - [[Development_Team/sugar-port|sugar-port]] A summary status for example, between all(in ideal) already deployed sugars and activities i.e. it provides backwards compatibility(so the same activity code will work on all sugars) and features targeted at the same time provides features from newest sugar(so the same activity code will use last sugar's features)** we could write this level in vala to provide core functionality for wide range of programming languages* '''world''' - the rest of sugar world i.e. fructose/honey (but now there are no differences between them) that use core directly, if all deployed sugars have the same API for desired functionality(for example in case of preselected mime type, ObjectsChooser has different API for 0.82-0.86), or use bridge otherwise.<br>imho another point to have activities outside of core release cycle - activities have more shorter release cycle then core has And of course deployers can form any sets from these components  Core Bridge World +------------+ +------------+ | Sugar-0.82 |---+ +---| Activity A | +------------+ | +---------------------------+ | +------------+ +------------+ | | sugar-port | | +------------+ | ... |--dbus--| do not fail on 0.82 |---+---| ... | +------------+ | | but uses all 777 features | | +------------+ +------------+ | +---------------------------+ | +------------+ | Sugar-777 |---+ +---| Activity Z | +------------+ +------------+ * Owner/Coordinator: ? ==== Version support for datastore ====See [[Version_support_for_datastore/Proposal]].* Owner/Coordinator: Silbe ==== Datastore features that could benefit Library ====These features can benefit [[Activities/Library]] activity. At present(for 0.82/0.84) Library uses "rich" datastore client which fetches all Journal objects to make short list of objects(by collapsing all versions to one item), moreover it has to unzip .xo bundles to get ''bundle_id'' value. So its not good. With all these features implemented Library can use "thin" datastore client and not fetch all objects, just make proper request for datasotre.find() to get sorted and collapsed objects by portions (by using offset/limit find() arguments). <strong>find() returns only last versions of journal objects</strong> So, all objects should be grouped by "object_id" which could be:* ''activity_id'' for objects that were generated by activities* ''bundle_id'' for .xo bundles in the Journal* ''uid'' for other objecets <strong>Sort find()'s resultset</strong> Let datastore clients sort objects by any field(not only predefined like uid, activity_id etc).* Sort by buddies count</strong> * Owner/Coordinator: ? ==== Security ====[ Add support] for the current version of [ Rainbow] so # security flaws in Browse (which are the norm rather than the exception) don't allow an attacker to take over the machine and# programming mistakes cannot affect other activities (like deleting all Journal contents).* Owner/Coordinator: ? ==== Testing ====Add some automated testing to catch bugs earlier and ease integration work:* [ SugarBot] (activity-level testing)* some system-level tests (e.g. verify datastore works correctly)* [ regression tests]* Owner/Coordinator: ? ==== Activities updates ==== Let users update theirs activities. There could be several options:* Use XO's mechanism to have update item in control panel(pretty common choice)** we will have specific option - update only activities* Follow [[Unified Objects]] paradigm, one of implementation of this idea is found at [[Activities/Library]], so give user more freedom in upgrading procedure(i.e. w/o ceilings) - incorporate updating procedure into browsing tool(like Journal, Library), so users get one unified method to browse and update(sync) theirs objects(not only activities).** in case of [[Activities/Library]] we could have 0.82+ upgrading tool Owner86/Coordinator: ? ==== Edit on clipboard ==== Add limited edit capability to text on the clipboard* Owners/Coordinators: Walter and Lucian* See [[Features/Edit-panel-on-Frame]] === Old items === ==== Accessibility ====* See [] ==== Bundles ====* [[Unified BundlesFeature List]] merge .xol bundles to .xo
== Proposed modules ==

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