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Features/Sugar Update Control ASLO

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<noinclude>{{GoogleTrans-en}}{{TOCright}}[[Category:Feature Accepted 0.86]][[Category:FeatureLanded|Sugar Update Control ASLO]]</noinclude>
== Summary ==
== Detailed Description ==
Update enables users to update their installed activities from the Activities Library at is base based on the well -established
Using ASLO the client can request information about updated updates by sending a url URL of the form,
ASLO responds by returning an XML of the form,
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<RDF:RDF xmlns:RDF="" xmlns:em=""><RDF:Description about="urn:mozilla:extension:org.laptop.WebActivity">
== Benefit to Sugar ==
There will not be external api changes.
Over the last several months, ASLO has been improving and proving it's reliability. Many activities are being served via ASLO as their information is marked deprecated on Shifting update to point to also ASLO will require clear communication to end users and developers.
=== Implementation ===
== How To Test ==
 Click on My Settings -> Software update. Visually verify the "From Version XXX to XXX" is correct for your system by checking what is available on ASLO.{{:{{PAGENAME}}/Testing}}
== User Experience ==
Nothing should change from The user point of viewwill be able to check if there are any activity updates that can be fetched and installed.
== Dependencies ==
== Release Notes ==
As of Sugar 0.86, upload will default to the only backend is . Specifying other servers and update formats are out of scope of this specific feature.
== Comments and Discussion ==
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[[Category:Feature Accepted 0.86]]

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