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Documentation Team/User Manual

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====The Sugar user manual====
<span class="plainlinks"> []</span>available as: <span class="plainlinks">[ HTML] or [{{FlossmanualPDFFlossmanualBlock}} .pdf] 128 pages, 8.3 MBytes (for saving or printing).</span> 
==How To Use Sugar==
The program that you run using Sugar are called Activities. Why? Because Sugar, in its departure from the desktop metaphor for computing, is the first serious attempt to create a [[Documentation Team/Glossary|user interface]] that is based on both cognitive and social [[wikipedia:Constructivism_%28learning_theory%29| constructivism]]: an environment where learners engage in authentic exploration and collaboration in the act of learning.
====How can a user start Starting an activity from the command line?Activity==== How can a user start an activity from the command line without starting Sugar? Please supply a sample command.  <bemasc> dgd: impossible. <dgd> bemasc, ? <dgd> not possible to run activities from jhbuild is that what you mean bemasc <bemasc> dgd: sugar activities cannot run outside of sugar, and more than a java applet can run outside of the JVM, or a flash applet can run outside of a flash interpreter. <bemasc> s/and/any/ <dgd> ok, so running just the activity in sugar? <dgd> just one activity, none of the home stuff etc. <bemasc> also not possible <dgd> I thought for sure I read in the docs that you can run just an activity... <bemasc> by "not possible" I mean "requires you to modify the code for the Sugar shell". < bemasc> You can probably cause Sugar to launch and immediately start an activity. You might be able to do this using a .xsession script. <bemasc> However, users will still be able to bring up the frame and switch to the home view, etc. ====Where are the activities stored?====Some users will find them here: /usr/share/sugar/activities/
Jhbuild users will find the activities here:
====Sharing an Activity====
*'''Connecting to Jabber Networks''' - [[How to connect Sugar to a Jabber network]]
*'''List of Jabber Networks''' - [[Community/A list of Jabber networks around the worldservers]]
*'''Creating a Jabber Server''' - To host a Jabber server for your city, region, country or interest read [[How to Create a Jabber Server]]
* [[Documentation Team/Glossary]] of Sugar terms
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