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Features/Spiral Home View

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[[Category:FeatureFeatureLanded|Spiral Home View]][[Category:Feature Accepted 0.90]]
* Last updated: (6 Aug 2010)
* Percentage of completion: 100%
* Comment: Awaiting reviewReviewed bby design and deployment teams
This feature is being tracked in [ Ticket 2143].
== Detailed Description ==
Experimental screenshots of the spiral layout at various stages of development:
This version progresses from the inside out.
These versions progress from the outside in, making for a less abrupt change between the ring and the spiral. There is also an intermediate icon size introduced between STANDARD ans SMALL.
These versions have a looser spiral and more intermediate steps.
And some spiral out versions.
Approximation of Gray's even looser spacing.
[[File:Home spiral showing 40 activities.png|300px]]
Screenshot of released spiral feature showing 40 activity favourite icons. When testing the layout on various screen resolutions the spiral triggers on 800x600 (SUGAR_SCALING=72) @ ~27 activities; on 1024x768 (SUGAR_SCALING=72) @ ~37 activities; on 1200x900 (SUGAR_SCALING=100) @ ~29 activities.
== Benefit to Sugar ==
== Release Notes ==
As more Sugar Activities become available, the Home View ring has become less effective as a means of laying out the available choices. The "spiral" extension to the ring enables more Activity icons to fit onto the Home View while still retaining a visual connection to the iconic Sugar ring. The Home View starts off with the familiar ring, but morphs into a spiral as more (30+ on an OLPC XO) icons are added.
== Comments and Discussion ==
* See [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|discussion tab for this feature]]

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