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Sugar on a Stick

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==What is Sugar on a Stick?==
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===What's new in Sugar on a Stick? ===* '''Sugar version 0.110.0'''*: More information about this version at [[0.110/Notes]].* The current release comes with [[FileFedora 26]], though Sugar on a Stick does not package all the software of other desktops.*:Soas-avacado.png|200px|link=See : [ 26 Release Notes]] Sugar on a Stick v9 Avacodo (Beta). ==== Known bugs ====:Click ^ Link*Beta New 5/23/2013(pending input from users)*See details below[[fedora:Common_F26_bugs|Common Fedora 26 bugs]]
=== Want to use Sugar on a Stick? ===
| style="border: 0; border-width: 0; width: 350px;" | [[File:Cici-maze.jpg |300px|left|link=http:Sugar_on_a_Stick//]]
|After you've tried out Sugar on a Stick, we hope you'll come back here and join our community of contributors to help us make the next release even better.
== New contributors start here! ==
Welcome! We're excited that you want to help us bring the Sugar Learning Platform to children around the world. No prior experience with computers or educational technology is required - in fact, we actively encourage a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and perspectives. See the [[Joining Sugar on a Stick]] page for instructions on how to get started. You may also want to check out the [ Sugar on a Stick project page] on [ OpenHatch], or attend one of our [[Sugar on a Stick meetings]].
== What can you do? ==
* [ Fix a bug or add a feature] to an existing Activity, to [[Development Team|sugar-core itself]], or to [ Sugar on a Stick]. See [[How to fix an Activity bug]] and [[How to fix a sugar-core bug]] to get started. ''Basic Python programming skills - or the desire to learn - are all that's needed.''
* [ Package Sugar Activities for Fedora]. ''If you're a [ Fedora Packager] or want to become one, help in this area is something we desperately need - it's a trickier thing to learn, but rewarding once you get the hang of it.''
* [[Sugar on a Stick release process#Review|Review Activities for inclusion in the build]] - check submitted Activities against our [[Sugar on a Stick/Activity Criteria]] and help us choose what gets included in the next release! ''No prior experience needed - we do reviews during our [[Sugar on a Stick meetings|weekly meetings]] and will teach you how.''
* Have an idea for a technical feature that isn't an Activity? Check out our [[Sugar on a Stick release process#Feature process|feature process]].
== What's happening? ==
   ====[[File:Soas-avacado.svg|200px|link=]] Sugar on a Stick v9 [ Avacado ]====: accepted 05/23/2013:sugar 0.98.7*Download::i686: ====[[File:Logo_SoaS_01.png|200px|link=Fedora_18#Sugar_on_a_Stick_v8_.CA.BB.C5.8Chelo_.CA.BBai|'''Sugar on a Stick v8 ʻŌhelo ʻai''']]'''Sugar on a Stick v8 ʻŌhelo ʻai''' ====ʻŌhelo ʻai is the name of a native [[wikipedia:Vaccinium_reticulatum|Hawaiian berry]].*Current version of Sugar on a Stick:released 01/15/2013* When does this page get changed to Fedora 18? satellit 01/22/2013*: Please identify bugs and instabilities at [[Sugar on a Stick/ʻŌhelo ʻai#Known bugs]]. Peter usually prepares an announcement.
===[[Sugar_on_a_Stick/Virtual_machines| Sugar Virtual Box Appliances]]===
*Import into VirtualBox===[[Tutorials/Installation/Install_using_Anaconda_f18_RC1_DVDx86_64|Tutorial: How to use new anaconda installer in f18]]===
=== Contributor stories ===
While the projects listed below are not part of Sugar on a Stick, we watch them closely and try to work with them when possible (or at least we're trying to learn!)
* For deployments lacking easy Internet access, one can turn a computer into a '''Sugar on a Stick Creation Station'''. The [[Sugar Creation Kit]] is a downloadable DVD which includes the materials you need to create Pineapple Live USB sticks sticks and to install additional Activities, along with documentation and previous versions of Sugar on a Stick.
* Older [[:Category:Live USB|portable Sugar distributions]] based on other Linux distributions .
* [[The undiscoverable]] is an unofficial FAQ for tips, tricks, and solutions to common problems that may otherwise be tricky to find. These are being considered for inclusion in the official SoaS documentation.

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