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HTML5 activities

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GSoC Timeline progress
* Week 2: Develop the RadioButton and CheckBox in Sugar HTML UI, sample here: [], start a new Sugar HTML API
* Week 3: Start developing the Sugar Activity Palette
* Week 4: Working on DataStore handling to DataStoreActivity Palette, solved issue on new Sugar HTML API* Week 5: Publish a first [ blog post] on its work, try to fix an issue regarding popup on home view* Week 6: First mock-up and specification of the Markdown activity a Markdown format editor* Week 7: First version of Markdown activity []* Week 8-9-10: Object Chooser integration in the Markdown activity* Week 11: Publish a first version of Markdown activity in [ Sugar App Store]. Work on an issue in the DataStore JavaScript API* Week 12: Solve issue in the DataStore JavaScript API, work on a new blog post* Week 13: Write a new version of Markdown activity, work on setting of preview metadata in webactivity* Week 14: Publish the new version of [ Markdown activity], Final [ blog post]

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