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== Introduction ==
Sugar 0.100 is the new version of the [ Sugar learning platform]. It will be was released the October the 30th 2013.
The main addition in this cycle, is the possibility of create Javascript/Html activities, but there are many exciting features too.
By default, only one Home is configured, but the user can add more.
This Feature was developed by Daniel Francis with the mentoring of Walter Bender, in the Google Summer of Code In contest.
=== Enable the change of the Home Icon ===
The user can change the XO icon used in the Home View. A activity was created to make the configuration easier. [ | Change Icon activity]This Feature is the work of Ignacio Rodriguez and Walter Bender.
This Feature is the work of Ignacio Rodriguez and Walter Bender[[Image:IconChangeFinal1.png|300px]][[Image:IconChangeFinal2.png|300px]]
More information: [[Features/Icon_Change]]
Add the ability to set a background image to the Home View.
This Feature was developed by Agustin Zubiaga with mentoring of Walter Bender in the Google Summer of Code-IN 2012.
[[File:Background_feature_example6.png | 640px]]
=== Extending Sugar ===
Now is possible use extensions in the user home directory, then you can add your own control panel panels, or icons to the frame. Simply place your extensions in ~/.sugar/default/extensions and they will be added to the system extensions in /usr/share/sugar/extensions This is particularly useful for installing [[WebServices]]. This feature was added by Walter Bender with much help from Daniel Narvaez.
== How to contribute with testing ==
Testing and reporting issues is a big help for the developing team.
Instructions are here [[0.100/Testing]]
* the ''release team'' and [[Development_Team | ''Development team'']] for coordinating those efforts.
This time, Daniel Narvaez took the responsability responsibility of manage the release. We want thank him and specially to Simon Schampijer, who did that work the last years.

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