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Features/Optimize TreeViews

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== Current status ==
* Targeted release: 0.102104* Last updated: Feb 24Nov 17, 2014* Percentage of completion: 6090%
== Detailed Description ==
== How To Test ==
We did a test program that has a list (treeview) with many rows. Each row has a cellrenderer icon. The program automatically starts scrolling until the end of the list is reached. Then we can get profiling information using Python cProfile . We ran the test like this inside a Sugar shell:
To test the changes in the journal we used a python program to start the journal window from a terminal. You can download it here [] To use it do:  python -m cProfile > profile.txt After run it in a Sugar terminal, the view jump to the Home, but in the frame you can see two journal icons. The second is the profiled version. In the toolbar have a Stop button.After stop, you can check the profile.txt file.
== User Experience ==
== Comments and Discussion ==
Your comments are very welcome. Please discuss through the mailing list.
The initial announcement in the mailing list is here []

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