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Oversight Board/2015-2016-candidates

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All seven (7) seats are open for election / re-election to the [[Oversight Board|Sugar Labs Oversight Board]] for 20152016-20162018.
Here are the candidates (copied over from last year)* Edward [[User:Mokurai | Mokurai]] Cherlin [[Open Educational Resources]](New OER project in planning stage)
* Claudia Urrea (
* Laura Victoria Vargas [ Sugar Evolution]
* Adam Holt ([[User:Holt|platform]])
* Walter Bender ([[User:Walter|Sugar Stable/Sugar Future]])
* '''Your name''' Sam Parkinson (''link to your [[User:SAMdroid#Platform_2015]])* Jose Miguel Garcia (* Lionel Laské (* Sameer Verma (* Tony Anderson ([[User:tony37|platform'']])

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