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Translation Proposal

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{{Obsolete}}[[ Translation Manager ]]
Setting up new languages for availability in Pootle.
Act as Sugar Labs i18n coordinator for oversight of performance on contracts to develop L10n projects approved by SLOBs.
Reaching upstream to create the glibc locales for new languages required for them to be selectable languages in Linux-based systems.
Recover L10n and repo connections to numerous missinga ctivitiesmissing activities
Discussion in the committee shows that our I18n infrastructure is in need of urgent maintenance.
ASLO no longer provides links to the git version. Many activities were repaired by the GCI participants. These need to be reviewed to make sure that the translation files are available and current. Chris Leonard has provided a list of 'missing activities', i.e. activities which had localization files but which were misplaced in a pootle migration. Etoys has not been updated since 2009 and the localization files are no longer availablein Pootle, but we do have backups. The which is the repository for the localization files is missing some files.
Provide a documented process for a local deployment to localize Sugar and some activities to a local language. The goal of the deployment is to make Sugar (and use of the XO more accessible).
* Priority to Spanish language activities
* Other important or popular Sugar activities
Make L10n activity more visible.
Adam Holt has suggested some regular blogging or microblogging to highlight achievements by the L10n community. There are some potentially low-cost ways to achieve this by making Pootle a little "noisier" (in the ggod sense). By way of example, we used to havea mailing list that monitored every commit made by the old Pootle instance
The new Pootle has a number of RSS feeds that could be channeled to a more visible format echoing more loudly the action happening on Poolte.

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