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Sugar Network is a content sharing and social activity, around this content, system for Sugar Learning Environment.

The system is intended to be a share point for various kinds of content within the Sugar community, e.g., friends, a class, parents, teachers, content authors, supporters, or, Sugar Learners in general. Sugar Network participants might be regular Internet users, students connected to a school server, or, even be in regions without any network connectivity except the Sneakernet.

The content itself might be Sugar Activities, artifacts created by Sugar Activities, books, articles, etc. Sugar Network provides a way for content creators how to share their work, and, a way for all other people how to use shared content as easy as possible. Sugar Network's social activity features should make this process smoother by providing functionality like getting feedback, issue reports, usage statistics, etc.

This work was initially started as an international research project within the Sugar Labs Perú in order to attend the needs identified during field work on Perú from 2007 to date.

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Note that current development version is not assumed to be perfect in all cases.

There are two types of Sugar Network access:

  • Sugar Network clients.
    Regular access for most of users. There are several clients that might have different audience:
    • Web UI,
      client is mostly targeting to low age users;
    • Contributor Hub,
      full featured access for content creators and providers as well as experienced users.
  • Sugar Network API.
    Low level access for various programmable usage. See API home page for more details.

From the Web

Easy way to try Sugar Network clients is Sugar Network Web sites with data synchronized with the Activity Library:

Write access is not yet implemented for Web access. To discover all implemented functionality, use developer server where anonymous users have administrative privileges:

On desktop

Sugar Network clients can be used from local applications. Local applications have extra features, such as launching software by one click, or, seamless Journal integration. There are several distribution options:

In deployment

If you are looking for complex solutions that will be useful for deploymentin an educational environment, take a look at Deployment Platform.

Help those working on the Sugar Network deployment on a regular basis.

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Getting involved

  • Submit your bug report or feature request.
  • Browse our implementation discussions, and post your feedback. (You should join this discussion list in order to avoid having your messages postponed for moderation.)